Who Will Be the Candidate of Temporary Mayor Malang City?

MALANG CITY – Who will fill the position of Mayor of Malang when Moch. Anton leaving for campaign from 15 February to 23 June 2018? The candidate may be two. Malang City Secretary Wasto and appointment of officials in East Java Provincial Government.

Supposedly, the substitute of the mayor who leaves of absence is directly represented by the deputy mayor. However, because Deputy Mayor of Malang Sutiaji also run as mayor, impossible to fill the position of plt (executor of duty) mayor. Because, Sutiaji also have to leave outside the state responsibility during the campaign.

Met while inaugurated on spot selfie pedestrian in Ijen Street, Moch. Anton claimed to still have not thought about it. He focused on his duties as mayor until inaugurated as a Choice candidate for Mayor 2018, February. “That will be the provincial governing,” Anton said yesterday (28/1).

Refers to PKPU (Regulation of the KPU) No. 4 of 2017 Article 64, the incumbent candidate must apply for leave in carrying out the campaign period outside the state responsibility. The leave was given the interior minister who administers internal government affairs on behalf of the president. Due to the mayor’s leave, there must be a successor to keep the wheels of government running.

Meanwhile, Wasto rumored likely to replace the temporarily mayor’s position, claiming he really has not known it yet. “Do not know who,” he said.

Wasto stated, all the authority of executor of duty (PLT) decision in East Java Province. Asked whether the City Government of Malang is also entitled to submit a PLT name that will replace the mayor’s position, according to him, local government has no authority.

“It becomes the authority of the province,” he explained.

He clarified his people only waiting for the decision to announced on time. “Maybe later before the absence from work, I think it was decided who is the plt,” he said.

Reporter: Fajrus Shiddiq
Editor: Abdul Muntholib
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Rodliah Zinka
Photografer: Radar Malang