Hope 313 oleh Kurniawan Muhammad.

The voters’ numbers who select their vote in the Mayor Election this year reached around 650 thousand people. From the numbers, 30% (around 195 thousand people) is the beginner voters whom aged 17-22 years old. This beginner voters group will become the fight of the candidate couple. Why?

First, it caused their political reach is so minimal so they can easy to receive the sweet persuasion from the Mayor candidate. Second, the percentage achieved 30% and it seemed very significant for the winner factor of the candidate. The main point is if the candidate couple successes to get people’s attention, they may get the high position in this city.

What is the characteristic of the beginner voters?

They are as student, college student, and young worker. Minimally, there are five notes that show their characteristic such as:

First, they are still unstable and apathetic. This situation becomes good chance for the candidate couple to influence them. The result is depend on who influence them is and what media used is.

The influence of using the celebrity popularity may become effective to get much voters number. It caused of unstable factor.

In other side, they easy feel apathetic with politic. It is better the candidate couple does not use the campaign way to attract them. It will become uninterested for them.

Second, the beginner voters have minimal politic knowledge. Therefore, they use their thinking to make politic simplification. They have their understanding about the political party. Pragmatically, the essential of politic conflict will be understood. The good solution knows first their characteristic related on thinking.

Third, their option depends on someone related with them such as friend. It shows the perception and negative action. It seems the political attitude potentiate homogeneous with the friend political action. It is better to close with them using the best friend way exactly introduce to their best friends first.

Fourth, the family also gives part to influence the beginner voters to choose. Because the family always talks with them and automatically, family shows the politics education for them.

Fifth, mass media is effective way to influence the beginner voters because of the news.
The key is depending on how the candidate couple shows their skill to influence the beginner voters is. Let us see later the campaign strategy of them.
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By: Kurniawan Muhammad
Translator: Heni Rahmayanti