Welcoming Chinese New Year in Eng An Kiong Temple

MALANG CITY – Chinese New Year ahead, a variety of activities conducted by Chinese citizens such as those held by Confucians by performing worship in Eng An Kiong temple Malang yesterday. They look solemnly following the ritual of ushering in the spirit of the saints.

Prayers held Friday morning is also a series of welcoming Chinese New Year. The smell of incense is getting fragrant in the temple environment that stood since 1825 AD. The Sang Bien Prayer was also performed to bring the spirits of the Saints to the heavens.

After leading the people, Endong Sujoyo said the routine worship was held six days before Chinese New Year. This year, Chinese New Year 2,569 falls on February 16, 2018. As the spirits of the saints are escorted to the sky yesterday, it will be picked up four days post-Chinese New Year.

“Cik Sen (picking up) the holy deities descend from the sky,” he added.

Sang Bien was held yesterday on Friday according to Confucians counts. The giving of honor and escorting the Holy Spirit has been included in the Chinese count account.

“We deliver the Holy Spirit to the Altar of the Almighty. We also report what people experience on earth, especially among our people,” he said.

To welcome the Chinese New Year, most people have started preparing prayers to be offered. However, peace on earth becomes one thing that cannot be abandoned. “Of course we pray for peace,” he concluded.

Reporter: Fajrus Shiddiq
Editor: Achmad Yani
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Darmono