Watch Out! Lowokwaru Penitentiary in the Red Zone

The residents in prison is far beyond capaity has become a warning for the officers and leaders of Lowokwaru Penitentiary (Lapas) Class 1A Lowokwaru.

MALANG – The residents in prison is far beyond capaity has become a warning for the officers and leaders of Lowokwaru Penitentiary (Lapas) Class 1A Lowokwaru.

The Penitentiary stood in 1918 were actually only to accommodate 936 prisoners, but its current occupant reaches 2,257 people or exceed 1,321 people (about 140 percent). Of these, 1,799 of them are inmates and 458 are prisoners.

“This number is the most record since the penitentiary has operated,” said the Head of Class 1A Penitentiary Security of Malang Sarwito yesterday (22/5).

This penitentiary has far exceed the capacity that it has exceed the red zone status. For that, we must be aware. The case where hundreds of prisoners running away from Pekanbaru Penitentiary Clas IIB on May 5, 2017 should not happen in Lowokwaru Penitentiary too.

To note, Pekanbaru Penitentiary Class IIB actually has already been in the red zone seen from its number of occupants, because the quota of the inmates which should be for 561 people is filled with 1,870 prisoners. The number of overloaded prisoners can trigger a variety problems in the penitentiary including the effects.

In fact, the recidents of Malang should be aware, because it is not impossible for prisoners located at Jalan Asahan Number 7, Bunulrejo, Blimbing, to be turbulent and undesibrable things might happen—they at anytime can escape from the prison. Based on this situation, officials of Lowokwaru Penitentiary Class 1A should be full alert.

The Head of Lowokwaru Penitentiary Class 1A said that the increasing number of prisoners comes from the prisoners of Polres Malang and Polres Malang City some time ago. He admitted that the number of prisoners may still be able to increase considering criminal cases happen a lot in Ramadhan and Ied Fitri.

“It happens because they entrust the prisoners to us. In fact, the prisoners population has already exceed the capacity without them coming,” he explained.

The growing number of prisoners the police entrust is also suapected because of many prisoners who escape lately. Polres Malang and Polres Malang City has entrusted the prisoners because their rooms are under renovation. “Polres Malang alone entrusted 90 prisoners,” said Sarwito.

As he said, there are 18 blocks of prisoners on Lowokwaru Penitentiary Class 1A. Each block has 10-28 rooms. “The room capacity should be filled only by 10 to 15 people, but now the average member of each room is 30 people because of overload. And the rooms for the drug prisoners are filled with around 45 people,” said Sarwito.

Due to the growing number of prisoners, Sarwito said, the officers have increased their vigilance. To monitor the prisoners, they do three security guards; morning, noon, and night. The total of security guards in each shift is 13 people.

“For the past year and a half I have served here, the security anticipation in more into persuasive approach, because 13 guards can not possibly fight thousands people,” he said.

As Suwito said, the total number of security officers is only 39 people who must keep 2,257 prisoners. Suwito continued, the persuasive approach is by doing routine call for the representative of the room to hold a meeting. Every complain from each representative of the assisted residents is discussed and handled there. “The only way is to humanize them through best services,” he said.

Besides, the officers are also increasingly strict in monitoring the goods that go into prisons. The place already has a sophisticated X-Ray tool to detect foridden objects that go into the prison, so it will be difficult for contrabands to enter the prison.

Every item will be seen through the monitor. In addition, any visitor who carries handphone will be caught when crossing the tool, because sirene will immediately turn on indicating a forbidden object. Visitors may come into the prison if they have passed the tool.

The price of X-Ray owned by Lowokwaru Penitentiary Class 1A is also no kidding, which reaches IDR 1.9 billion. There are only four penitentiaries that have the tool in East Java. They are penitentiaries in Surabaya, Madiun, Porong, and Malang. In addition, the tool is connected online. That’s why the officers of Minstry also pay attention to it beside the officers of the penitentiary.

Pewarta: Daviq Umar & Bahrul Marzuki
Penyunting: Kholid Amrullah
Alih Bahasa: Faizah Zakiyah
Grafis: Andhi Wira