UNBK Material must be Completed, Malang City Education Office Held Try out Four Times

MALANG CITY – Students and schools under the Education Office of Malang City cannot relax in learning, especially in understanding UNBK (computer-based national exam) material for 9th graders of Malang City Junior High School.

Malang Education Office requested all 9th grade materials complete in February. Head of Malang education office, Zubaidah said, ideally next February all UNBK materials have been completed.

“Ideally, January-February is completed so that the students can focus preparation UNBK,” said her yesterday (24/1).

According to her, starting next March, students and schools have to do student enrichment. So, all students can understand the subject matter with the maximum. “So that teachers can know the extent to which students’ understanding in a material,” said her.

Not only that, she continued, students whose value is less than the maximum also must remedy (improvement of value). So, the student can follow the absorption of the students who have good value. “Enrichment and remediation must be done with the maximum,” he said.

She explained that schools should also train students with questions. So, the students are accustomed to work on UNBK problem later. “These questions are important to familiarize them,” said her.

She added that the principal must also be proactive with the learning process in the classroom. In addition, the principal can also find out the extent to which the teacher learning process in the classroom. “Principals should not relax, they must be proactive,” she added.

The Education Office of Malang City will also decrease the school supervisor to monitor the 9th grade learning. This is done so that all elements of education can also function. “School supervisor also accompany the school in the field,” said her.

In addition, she explained, the students will also follow the tryout four times. The details are twice tryout of the education department and twice from school. “There are four tryouts followed by the students later,” she added.

Zubaidah also stated schools should involve parents of students. So, they can also play an active role in controlling their children’s activities while outside school. “Let parents tell their children to learn. So, they do not wait until there is homework,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Working Group of Principals of State Junior High School of Malang City, Burhanuddin stated, they are ready to run what is required by the education office. In fact, they also have planned that the material of 9th is completed in February.

“We are ready to run it,” he explained.

Reporter: Imam Nasrodin
Editor: Irham Thoriq
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Falahi Mubarok