Throw Garbage Carelessly, the Forest Is Polluted

Bangunan ini bakal dimanfaatkan untuk tempat mesin pengolah sampah TPA Tlekung.

BATU CITY – A farmer from Kungkuk Hamlet, Punten Village, which passes through one of the forest points in Kungkuk is forced to hold his breath, especially when crossing a mound of garbage. Although only a moment passed there, the condition was very contrasting. It is because the air that he breathed before was very clean because of the shady pine forest.

From the monitoring of this newspaper, local people make a point of the forest as a place to dispose of garbage. The smell is very sting especially during this rainy season. Ranging from the stench of apple residue materials chips, household waste, and various plastic wastes.

The foul smell that leads to the edge of the forest road that is managed to be a tourist spot of Kungkuk Hamlet, Punten Village, Bumiaji District, Batu City. It’s not all, just at one point the edge of the forest road to the farm. However, of course this is very disturbing to anyone, especially the volume of garbage almost every day increases.

Chief of Punten Village, Hernanto Sasmito confirmed that some residents still throw garbage into the forest. “There used to be people who throw garbage into the forest. Soon there was no more. But now comes again,” he said.

So far, residents still do not have their own trash cans. Likewise, the cleanliness services managed by the village also have not reached the upper hamlet of Kungkuk. Temporary shelter service is also not owned by residents of upper Kungkuk Village.

“Indeed for the top Kungkuk does not exist yet. We want to make a garbage dump but there is no place to do it. Residents don’t want the nearby area become a garbage dump,” he explained.

Sasmito continued, garbage cans in front of residents’ houses are also not much. Not every house has trashcans. “There is only in Kungkuk below. In Kungkung above, there are only four neighborhoods. They throw garbage when they want to go to the garden,” he said.

So far there has been a warning. However, such restrictions are hard to comply with. In addition there are not many trash cans, his side also rarely met directly with residents who throw garbage into the forest. In the future, the service for waste management will indeed be improved.

“The plan, we will be built a new garbage dump. Now, there is only one behind the village hall,” he explained.

Sasmito also hoped that people do not throw garbage into the forest again. Therefore, hygiene greatly affects tourist visits.

Reporter: Aris Dwi
Editor: Aris Syaiful
Copy Editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Rubianto