MALANG – The three couple candidates will struggle to unite their volunteers in the Mayor Selection 2018. Here, they must promote themselves to get many supporters. It is about not only the many coalition supporters but also they needs more support for citizen. Finally, the coalition party and the volunteers collaborate to support their couple candidate.

Moch. Anton-Syamsul Mahmud (Asik) has already prepared 1.200 volunteers. According to Arif Wahyudi as the chief of LPP DPC PKB Malang said that the volunteers was from different community. “They are outside in PKB. In DPC PKB Malang, we have around 1.500 people,” said him yesterday (11/1).

He continued that he would cooperate with scholars from NU (Association of Muslim Scholars) to invite the voters. For the beginner voter is Moreno Soeprapto as the chief of DPC Gerindra party. The voter will easy get interest because of Moreno’s last job as racer.

“The initiator of PKS and Gerindra party will be followed with some dialogue,” said him.

According to Arif, Anton’s winning on the Mayor Selection 2013 is not only from coalition party but also from citizen. “We show new performance without the last winning team. About going to the pilgrimage for the citizen, KPU did not allow it so we approve it,” he added.

For knowing, that was a strategy from Anton-Sutiaji to get attention from citizen on the Mayor Selection Malang 2013. This couple wined 41% from other candidates. Now Anton said that his success team is not formed yet.

“We still talk about the success team and the campaign principal,” said Anton that he was in Saiful Anwar’s hospital to do psychological test.

On the contrary, the couple candidate of Nanda-Wanedi (Menawan team) is also not formed yet too. “But, the volunteers is around more 200 people,” said Ya’qud Ananda Gudban last night. At this moment, she focuses on psychology test and medical checkup that did by KPU Malang.

“After doing all the registration terms, we will coordinate with the supporter party for creating success team,” she added.

The success team will be collaboration between the supporter party and other organization outside. She gave example that NU’s Muslimat read salawat last night (11/1). Nanda revealed that Muhammadiyah and children’s community also merged with her.

“Muslimat members followed prayer in my home,” said her as the chief of National community of women cares.

For about tagline, she believed to use “Ayo Noto Malang”. The together spirit to invite all citizen to improve Malang better.

In other side, Abdul Hakim as the secretary DPC PDIP said that PDIP had the combined of success team from down to up for Menawan’s couple. “PDIP has already strengthened that couple to be winner,” said him yesterday at noon.

On the contrary, the couple of Sutiaji-Sofyan Edi Jarwoko (Sae) has been more already about success team. The chief of success team is Wisnu Murti Wibowo and in PKB is Zaini Nasiruddin. Although Zaini’s party supported Anton, but he still support Sae’s couple.

Zaini revealed that he is the volunteer of tagar #NawakAji as the element of cultural NU in Malang. “We bring cultural NU,” he said. He also mentioned there is more 250 ustad in every village Malang to support this couple. “Around five ustad in every village in Malang,” said him.

Zaini answered #NawakAji is the Sutiaji’s winning team on the Mayor Selection 2013. Another is #SahabatSutiaji, #ForAji and Banser (the security officer) whom they already support this couple to be winner on the Mayor Selection 2018. The number of each volunteers around 4 thousand people.

“Around two days later, this couple will sign the success team,” said him. There are nine divisions from the success team. In every division has 4 to 5 party machine. For example Nur Wahyudi as the chief of Anton-Sutiaji’s winning team on the Mayor Selection 2013.

Reporters: Fajrus Shiddiq & Aris Syaiful
Editor: Irham Thoriq
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Heni Rahmayanti
Photografer: Darmono