The Vegetable Big Market for Batu

BATU CITY – The development of vegetable big market 1 have been finished. There are 138 stalls have already used for the traders. After the building of first phases, it will be continued in the second phases with finishing period around September or October.

Arief As Siddiq as the task executor of Cooperative Office Batu revealed that at this moment his member is discussing the concept and design. “We made coordination with all traders about the building planning of this vegetable market,” answered him when interviewed in his office yesterday (26/1).

The composing of determining the concept and the design will be done detail. Then his members also will communicate about the new stall with the traders. “Two weeks later we will do the meeting,” said him as the head of environment department.

The development planning of second phases will be planned well done so no one complained about the building shape and the function its. “We invite all traders to make sure that there is not complaint for later,” explained him.

The wide of this market is around 6.000 meter2 that it built since 1984. Before renovating, it stayed around 244 traders. “It seemed 244 traders. In the first building still provided 138 stalls and the rest were 108 stalls,” mentioned him.

Arief explained that all traders must get each stall that it reached on the second building. The location will be placed in the middle of the market or besides the stall already built. Then, the design building will be created in big part and only has the roof.

“The design concept shows the wide portions and the space division based on the mutual agreement. We want to seek the best pattern in this building process,” answered him.

After the complete development process, it will divide the suitable part of the stall such as for dry vegetable and wet vegetable. Arief wants to make the beautiful concept of this vegetable market to be modern, clean, safety and comfortable for seller and buyer.

”It will be parking area and the garden with interesting neon box so people will be happy buy vegetable here,” commented him.

On the contrary, about the time to use the stall is based on the voting decision between Arief’s member and traders. “We talks together first about the decision,” answered him.

In other side, Agus Yulianto as the chief of Paguyuban Vegetable Market Traders Batu added that the second building later would use all traders.

“On yesterday, we did meeting with the regional secretary, cooperative services, micro business, trading, industry, and UPTD that discussed about the next building.

Agus hope that the placement of the first building will be stayed as soon as possible. “At this moment the relocation place is comfortable and immediately to be placed. It is better that the placement made in lottery,” answered Agus lastly.

Reporter: Aris Dwi
Editor: Aris Syaiful
Copy Editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Heni Rahmayanti
Photografer: Rubianto