The Police City Resort Examined the Crown Witness

MALANG CITY – The case of alleged killer that happened to Kombespol (Ret.) Agus Samad, 71, is still mystery. Since the former Deputy Chief of North Sumatran (North Sumatra) was found dead on Saturday (24/2), the police have not been able to uncover the murderer who took off the former police officer’s life.

However, based on information who collected by Jawa Pos Radar Malang, the police have examined the crown witness (who is supposedly knowing the death of victim). From the description of crown witness that will open the truth behind the Agus death’s speculation.

Who is the crown witness who have been examined by the police? The Head of Detective and Criminal Police Unit (Kasatreskrim) of Malang City, AKP Ambuka Yudha Hardi Putra refuse to spoke. His people are still gathering the evidence from witnesses, then filtering out the gaffe which found at the crime scene (the scene of the case).

“There are many things to be investigated,” Ambuka said when met on crime scene in the victim’s house, Perum Bukit Dieng Permai Block MB9, yesterday.

Until the fourth day yesterday, Ambuka has examined the victim’s families and also the neighbors who ever communicated with Agus. The examination is done to find out the habit and victim’s daily life activity while at home.

In addition, to reveal anyone who has met with victim a few days before his death. “For now we are examining the victim’s sister, Mrs. Suhartutik (wife), both child victims (Timur Dikman, 40, and Agung, 35), and neighbors who has communicated with the victims,” Ambuka said.

From temporary examination results, Ambuka explained, has been two weeks the victim lived alone at home. That’s because his wife, Suhartutik was in Bali to manage their restaurant RM (restaurant). Like other couples who are in long distance relationship, communication is done by phone. Last Friday (23/2) around 17:00, Suhartutik still connect with Agus.

However, several hours later, at around 10 pm, Agus’s home phone was out of reach. Suhartutik phoned him repeatedly and there was no response. Worried about her husband, she asked her neighbors for help, Mrs. Rachmad, to check Agus condition.

“The victim’s wife worried, because she contacting her husband many times and he didn’t pick up. Moreover, the victim also has a history of heart disease and uric acid,” said Ambuka.

The other place, another neighbors who prevent to mention the named said that he saw the presence of a man in the victim’s home a few hours before Agus was found dead. According to the source, Suhartutik was worried because when contacting Agus via phone, there was a man who picked up but it was not Agus.

Meanwhile, Suhartatik, an ex-victim’s servant said that Agus had not been on the third floor for many years. Because this former policeman is having a uric acid desease, so he is not strong enough to walking up the stairs to the third floor.

“During my work there, I never saw Abah Samad (Agus Samad) walked up to the third floor,” said the resident of Kalisongo Village, Dau Sub-district, Malang Regency, which has been Agus’s house assistant for seven years.

Suhartatik story strengthens the allegations of Agus died because killed. The insider pepole suspected of being the murderer was allegedly made the scenario that seemed Agus died of a suicide by jumping off the third floor. In order to fooling the police so that crimes are not revealed.

Meanwhile, police done the fourth crime scene yesterday. The difference with the previous crime scene, for this time the police involved the expert doctors and witnesses who first knew the Agus’s body. In the crime scene, the witness was asked to demonstrate how to break down the door of Agus’s house, then their actions after finding the corpse who lying in the house backyard.

Reporter: Fajrus Shiddiq
Editor: Mahmudan
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Rodliah Zinka
Photografer: Bayu Eka