The Marathon at the National Standard School Examination

MALANG CITY – From today until the next fifteen days will be the most decisive moment for thousands of high school students/equal in Malang City. Because, the national standard school exams which are the only graduation requirements are being tested today.

Since last year, the passing of the students depends on the school. Because of this, national standard school exams are the main consideration of schools, while computer-based national exams are not taken into consideration for graduate.

Chairman of the Working Group of Principals, State Senior High School Malang Tri Suharno said, the national school exam is indeed the only test that is considered the passing of the students.

“Although that makes the questions is the East Java Deliberation Teachers Subject, but still make graduate or not is the school,” Tri said.

He continued, there are many differences between the exams this year with the last year. One of them is the subject. If last year there were eight subjects, this year there is 15 subjects. “But this is not burdensome, because in one day tested one subject. Therefore, this test takes 15 days,” he said.

With 15 subjects tested, meaning the subjects taught in school in the day-to-day tested in this test. Another difference, this year’s exam is computer-based. “Last year was still not. In Indonesia, the already computer-based is East Java,” he added.

Tri believes that this computer-based exam will not be a problem. It is because the school is already familiar with the computer-based national exam. “So, a computer that is prepared for a computer-based exam can be used for a national standard school exam first,” he said.

He also stated that in the national standard school exam, the facilities of each school are ready. In that sense, no schools are riding to other schools. “All is available,” Tri said.

Related questions tested, according to him, the question of each subject is diverse. However, most of them are 40 objective or choice questions, and five essay questions. However, there are also subjects with objective objectives such as Physics, Chemistry and Economics. Subjects that have 30 questions like Mathematics.

“But, although the objective questions are different, the essay is all the same. Five questions,” he concluded.

Reporter: Irham Thoriq
Editor: Irham Thoriq
Copy Editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Jawa Pos