The Forensic Laboratory Team will Investigate Sport Mania Store

MALANG CITY – Sport Mania store in MT Haryono Street, Dinoyo, Malang, which burned last Saturday (20/1) cannot mention the exact cause of the fire. The East Java Police Forensic Laboratory team has not been brought in to investigate the sports store. While a number of goods there sold at a discount.

Owner of Sport Mania store, Abdul Muni stated, from his updated audit, the loss is estimated to reach 5 billion. In his already burnt store, he declared a discount on the buyers who had crowded the store.

“Nothing is on sale. I only give discount to the buyers,” he explained. He told, initially it was drying wet goods in front of the shop. Residents who crossed the street then stop and do bidding. After looking around and the price is right, it turns out that many are asking for discount.

“At first, one or two people came. Gradually continue to crowded,” shocked.

Actually, the discount given to the buyer is only 20 percent. However, he also allows people to take free good that has been defective due to fire. While the goods are still safe from fire is not issued the owner of the shop.

The fire that occurred was suspected due to the generator explosion. In fact, the fire devoured 70 percent of all store contents. He already insured the shop for 2 billion Rupiah. While selling goods claimed to reach 3 billion is not insured.

“We will bring the forensic laboratory team to determine the exact cause of the fire,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lowokwaru Police Chief, Police Commander Pujiyono said they had not received a request for the arrival of a forensic laboratory team. In fact, the owners need to pocket forensic laboratory results if they will make insurance claims. It also suspects if the cause of fire due to electrical short circuit. However, they is still conducting an investigation.

“If they want insurance claims there should be a team of forensic laboratories,” said Pujiyono.

The fire incident at was the first time known by Wahyu, one of the employees of Sport Mania. Saturday (20/1) at around 09:05 am, the revelation is clean as well as arranging goods in storehouse heard an explosion and smell like a burning item.

Then, around 9:25 am, the police came to the location. A few moments later, precisely at 09.30 am six units of Fire Department of Malang City arrived and immediately did the blackout, but the fire continued to grow. Most of the flames spread eastward and licked the pile of shoes on the 2nd floor of the Sports Station. Meanwhile, the fire also spread to the west and singe the 2nd floor of Dannis Collection which is located adjacent to Sport Mania.

Although a number of goods burned out fire, it is still a lot of remaining goods worth selling. Yesterday at around 10:00 am, hundreds of residents around and college students were seen crowded there. Apparently, there is a discount for some goods.

“T-shirts are on sale. The price is 150 to 70 thousand,” said Rias, a resident of Dinoyo.

Reporter: Fajrus Shiddiq
Editor: Aris Syaiful
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Avirista Midaada