The 193 Schools Struggle for Computer-Based National Exam

KEPANJEN – Not all the JHS in Malang regency already prepared in the Computer-based National Exam. Therefore, the school must more struggle to join the CNE program.

From Education authority’s data Malang regency, 193 school will stay in other school in which contain some computers. For this year, all JHS must join with that system. In the last year, the number of school that follows the exam in other school was 168 and now that is more.

“It is clear that this year the number is increased because the Tsanawiyah School also included. The last it was not,” commented Puji Hariwati as the head of JHS division Education authority.

She admitted that she could not all school to do the exam independent because of the expensive cost. In other side, the government still yet helps fully for all school. The members of education authority only give 120 computers for six schools that really need help.

“We help the underprivileged school first,” added Puji. The other problem is the internet network because the exam will do in semi online. “It is more urgent in the tools preparation that it still prepare goodly,” she added.

In other side, Puji should give the accompaniment for the school that follows the exam in other school. It becomes basic needs for student to get the decent facilities. They also feel difficult to operate the computer connect with internet network.

“The help desk team will help them so the school does not be worry,” commented her.

Sutikno as the chief of MKKS (Musyawarah Kerja Kepala Sekolah) JHS Malang regency admitted that he does not force the school to prepare the tools independently. “It is better to find the good solution for that obstacle,” answered him. he also ensured the preparation process is working goodly.

The schools that follow the exam in other school have done the simulation for the student. “The first simulation has been done and the second simulation will be done in the middle of this month. We will prepare maximally,” answered him. The next two months will be a chance for the student to prepare it goodly.

Reporter: Hafis Iqbal
Editor: Bayu Mulya
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Heni Rahmayanti
Photografer: Falahi Mubarok