Teacher Workshop, Invite Two Spain Lecturer

MALANG CITY – About a hundred teachers and lecturers join the workshop which is held by the Catholic University of Widya Karya Malang yesterday (12/3). Two lecturers from the University of Seville, Spain, Matilde Mora Fernandez PHd and Pr Pablo Galan Lopez, presented the story of the modern teaching system.

Both of them, emphasize the importance of creative teachers in developing the capacity and competence of their students. They also explain the modern teaching system that exists in some European countries which is recognized to have the best education system in the world.

According to Matilde, through the principle of student center learning, students are encouraged to be more active and more contribute in learning and teaching activities.

“Means, the students become the independent learning centers. We have to find the right problem and answer for students,” Matilde said.

Catholic University of Widya Karya Malang lecturer, Andy Endra Kresna SS MPd added, there are differences in the tradition of learning in Indonesia and in Europe.

“So, changing the single look or active teacher and the passive student to the double look learning method, have been the duty of teacher as an active facilitator and student,” added Andy.

Application of the method is not an easy way. Therefore, this workshop will be an answer to overcome the differences and problems that exist to be more effective.

Reporter: NR2
Editor: Achmad Yani
Copy Editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Rodliah Zinka
Photografer: NR2