Sue the Father, the Daughter Grabs his House

MALANG CITY – For the sake of wealth, father and daughter can fight each other. That is what happened to Ani Hadi Setyowati with her biological father, Achmad Jakoen Tjokrohadi. They are residents of Diponegoro Street, Klojen. The seizure of the house continues. Ani continues to work hard to have the house where his father lives, even though she is known to have lost twice in the Supreme Court ruling.

“This is the proof, the grant certificate has been declared because there is a decision of this Supreme Court,” said Setyo Budi Hartono, 57, the younger brother of Ani.

Yesterday, he showed photocopies of Supreme Court 492/K/AG/2012 verdict explaining the cancellation of the lawsuit and the decision of the High Religious Court of 2012 if the house is owned by Ani. He and several of his brothers also questioned where Ani’s grant notarial deed came from.

Because, Achmad, their father, did not feel giving the letter of house area of 998 square meters is to be donated to Ani. Setyo and his big family know this in 2012 ago.

After getting a decision from the Supreme Court, Ani did not give up. Ani replaces the plaintiff in the High Court of Surabaya and its decision was won by Ani on May 11, 2015.

Again, Ani’s efforts were canceled directly by the Supreme Court decision number 196/K/AG/2017. The decision canceled the entire outcome of any court decision. It is a cassation filed by Setyo and his extended family.

“So, it has all been canceled according to this second Supreme Court decision,” he said.

Setyo considers his sister has failed to seize the house, so she did the plaintiff to his father and brother. She filed a lawsuit to buy and sell a house to herself because she still felt that the house is hers.

Meanwhile, the trial yesterday took place without the presence of Ani. That is because she was in Jakarta and the business yesterday handed over to her legal counsel. “Only her lawyer,” he said.

When confirmed, Aswanto, Ani’s lawyer, stated that his client has made an offer to Achmad since 1997. In fact, he conveyed Ani has made a deal with her father to buy the house for 700 million rupiahs. “The offer has been since 1997,” Aswanto said.

Aswanto asserted, it would be proven in the follow-up trial. The plan, Aswanto will show some evidence in the form of money transfer from Ani to Achmad. “Cannot be said now, but we will prove in court,” he concluded.

Reporter: NR1
Editor: Mahmudan
Copy Editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Jamilah Aljah