Stiff Corpse Slept in Market’s Long Bench

LAWANG – Wisnu Sudarmaji’s body (68), found in rigor mortis condition with slept position in long bench Lawang market, yesterday morning (13/2). Villagers of Purwosari Sub district, Pasuruan Regency, is known work as odd jobs and rest in the market. Before he died, he had said to some traders that his body easily tired while working.

“At first we thought that Wisnu was asleep, so we woke him up. But, he doesn’t response, so I report to the police,” said Samsul, one of the witnesses.

He added that during this time the victim is often sleeping in the market. Victims are known worked as odd jobs start from being a parking attendant until an intermediary or broker. Therefore, victims often take a rest in the market.

Criminal Investigation Unit, Sector Lawang Police, Iptu Hadi Puspito said, his people immediately coordinates with the medical team from Lawang Hospital to ensure the causes of death. From the results of crime scene (the scene of the case), there were no signs of violence in the victim’s body.

“From the investigator’s analysis, the victim is thought to have died about 6 hours before being discovered,” he said

From the information of family, during his life, Wisnu has a history of eye pain. However, the police denied if it was the cause of death of the victim. Hadi added, to the traders Wisnu had complained that his body often easily tired.

“Currently, his body has been taken to the funeral home because the family refused to do an autopsy and willingly to make a statement letter,” he concluded.

Reporter: Ashaq Lupito
Editor: Achmad Yani
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Rodliah Zinka
Photografer: Humas Polsek Lawang