State Junior High School 4 Kepanjen: The Polemic Wait for Regent’s Recommendation

Bupati Malang Rendra Kresna.

KEPANJEN – Education Office and the House of Representatives of Malang Regency seem quite careful in addressing the polemic in State Junior High School 4 Kepanjen. The hearing agenda has been held several times, but still has not met a unanimous decision. Yesterday (21/3) the agenda was held again and there has been no unanimous decision.

Head of Malang Education Office M. Hidayat who met this newspaper after hearing admitted still need some stages.

“All (subject matter) we have submitted and accommodated the council. Furthermore, we are committed to report to Mr. Regent as the decisions maker,” he said.

`As is known, the polemic in one of the favorite schools occurred after the head of State Junior High School 4 Kepanjen Suburiyanto changed the structure of the school committee. The decision claimed by the committee members was not in line with the rule in February. The polemic became more complicated because money was also tipped up.

The old committee’s managers claimed if the decision was made after they were unable to meet the 150 million-repayment request. Nominal was obtained from the remaining two-classroom development done in 2013. Suburiyanto claims to have spent 750 million for that. To bail it, he claimed to have used his land certificate as collateral.

Fund 600 million reportedly has been paid, still less 150 million. This figure is then reaping the polemic. On the other hand, the board of the old committee who has pocketed the results of the audit of the development only knows the figure of 600 million. Do not want the polemic to continue rolling, education office suspend the activities of State Junior High School committee 4 Kepanjen.

In the meantime we suspend it, next week we will collect representatives from each student’s parents of five people from each class to accommodate their wishes,” Dayat added.

“What is clear is that my duties in the near future with the chairman of the council will meet the Regent to seek guidance from him as the highest authority holder as soon as possible,” he said.

Vice Chairman of the Regional House of Representatives Malang Unggul Nugroho also said similar.

“Principally, what the old school principal and the old committee say are equally good. However, communication between the two is not good,” he said.

He also hopes that the polemic does not affect the actions of State Junior High School 4 Kepanjen. “Do not let the school that is known as one of Malang’s pride schools is down its quality only because of this problem,” he hoped.

Reporter: Farik Fajarwati
Editor: Bayu Eka
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Falahi Mubarok