Special Unit for Oil and Gas Support Green Energy Development

MALANG – Seeking alternative energy that is environmentally friendly needs to be done to reduce dependence on fossil energy sources. The effort of Malang City Government to utilize garbage in Final Disposal into green energy has been done in recent years. The Oil and Gas Special Unit is also keen on glancing green energy and is ready to set aside revenue to support the program.

The concept of renewable energy became one of the topics of discussion held at Gajah Mada Plaza Hotel yesterday. Head of Formalities Division of Oil and Gas Special Unit Didik S. Setyadi and Executive Director of Center of Energy Policy M. Kholid Syeirazi appeared as a speaker with Secretary of Malang City Wasto SH MH. Meanwhile, Radar Malang Editor, Abdul Muntholib serves as moderator. In addition, dozens of students also eagerly discuss the problem about the depletion of oil and gas reserves in Indonesia in the seminar that has attended across campus.

Wasto said, the concept of green energy has been done in the city of Malang in recent years. In his speech, he recounted his experience in managing waste in several final disposal sites in Malang.

“When I was still working in the Sanitation and Gardening Agency, I was confused with the garbage that was piling up in some of the final disposal. We have done some ways to reduce the waste, but the level of waste reduction is still high. Finally, there is a solution to treat waste water into renewable energy for residents around the landfill,” he said.

As a result, some 408 households in the landfill area no longer depend on liquefied petroleum gas. “I hope people continue to maintain and develop the concept of renewable energy. The students present here can make solution step of renewable energy for Malang City,” he he advised.

Meanwhile, Didik revealed that the Special Unit for Oil and Gas also supports the development of green energy. It is also ready to set aside revenue to support this program. Moreover, there are various obstacles that must be faced in drilling oils such as expensive drilling costs, permissions that cannot be resolved quickly, until national investors who do not dare to take steps cannot be resolved quickly as the level of oil gas consumption is getting higher.

“We are working hard to collect new oil and gas reserves prepared for electricity supply in Central Java and East Java,” he said.

He also explains, there is a lot of renewable energy that cannot be independent. “The Special Unit for Oil and Gas will help potential renewable energy. This is a solute step to reduce the high levels of oil and gas consumption,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kholid Syeirazi reminded the importance of realizing the increasingly thin oil and gas reserves owned by Indonesia.

“Our oil reserves are 0.5 percent of the world’s total reserves. It means we are not rich in oil and gas,” he explained. For wells in the west (such as West Java and Sumatra) has over exploitation and water content 90 percent while oil leaves only 10 percent.

Reporter: NR2
Editor: Achmad Yani
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Falahi Mubarok