Simplicity Inspires Coffee Lovers

Among coffee connoisseurs, perhaps Makyem’s coffee is no stranger to them. Who would have thought, the term Makyem coffee was taken from the name Legiyem, coffee farmers from Batu City who later exiled his selves to the slopes of Mount Arjuno.

The cold air of the mountains instantly pierced the skin. However, the elderly Legiyem looked normal and undisturbed by the coldness of the temperature. In fact, she was at an altitude of approximately 1350 meters above sea level precisely in the forests of the slopes of Mount Arjuno, about 5 kilometers from Giripurno Village, Bumiaji District, Batu City.

When viewed, Legiyem house that was built since 15 years ago it seems unable to protect it from the cold mountain winds. The wall of his house is made of wooden stems neatly arranged and leaves a gap that can be passed by the wind.

Makyem, once this old woman is usually called, lived alone for many years in the hut. Loneliness felt by Makyem since three years ago when her husband, Purwadi, passed away. His relatives have invited Makyem to live in Giripurno Village. However, Makyem refused with a fine so that her relatives are not offended.

“The reason is because I already feel at home here. It is comfortable,” said Makyem to Jawa Pos Radar Malang who came to her house yesterday.

At first glance, nothing special with Makyem. She was just an ordinary person who farmed coffee while retreating on the slopes of Mount Arjuno. Daily spent to take care of coffee plants.

Life on the slopes of Mount Arjuno also makes her far from luxurious. The lighting of her house was still traditional by wearing a torch. Although staying away from the crowd does not mean she is anti-social. Makyem is also still concerned with developments, for example, when there is an election, she still wants to use her voice right.

“If there is a general choice, I go to the village and vote,” she explained.

Nevertheless, behind its simplicity, her name has become the name of coffee, namely Makyem coffee. This newspaper has found several cafes that sell Makyem coffee. Among these is Pringgitan Coffe in Bumiaji.

Makyem Coffee was indeed the first time introduced by Wahyu Eko Purwanto, founder of Pringgitan Coffee. Men who have long cultivated the world of coffee and often a champion of this national coffee competition admit much to learn from Makyem. There is, of course, a strong reason behind Makyem’s coffee.

“Why do we use Makyem to be a coffee name? It is because there is an educative side. That delicious coffee should have a story and be able to tell it,” Wahyu said.

Every time a coffee lover comes by, Makyem always teaches how to treat coffee. Starting from planting, taking care of plants, to processing coffee tastes delicious. Treatment that considers the coffee as human beings that inspired the Wahyu to initiate Makyem coffee and introduce it to the community.

“She is a simple figure in seeing and understanding the sparkling life. Not interested in facilities and guarantee luxury facilities,” he explained.

Makyem’s simplicity is eager to take care of coffee. Although she has a coffee garden area of 1 hectare, she wants to be a coffee worker. Not hunting for wages, but wanting to treat coffee humanely.

Makyem coffee is placed on a par with other coffees such as Bu Nur coffee in Jogjakarta. “If there is Bu Nur coffee in Jogjakarta, Isabela in Simalungun, then there is Makyem coffee in Malang,” Wahyu said.

In addition to Pringgitan Coffee, Joni Stall on Wukir Street, Temas Village, also provides Makyem coffee. Information collected from some coffee enjoyers, Makyem coffee also circulated in Malang.

Reporter: Aris Dwi
Editor: Mahmudan
Copy editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Foto: Falahi Mubarok