Sidomulyo Tourist Market Stalls is Ready Placed

BATU CITY – The building of Sidomulyo tourist market has the bright color exactly pink, red and light blue. This market built last year, exactly 2017 and the process is finished. However, the seller did not yet place this market.

Ruliyah as the seller of food and drinks revealed that she did not know when she could place it. “We do not yet receive the report from rest area owner,” answered her as Sidomulyo village.

She admitted that she is worry if she moves to Sidomulyo tourist market because it will make the shop to be quiet. It caused the location is behind.

There are thirty stalls with size 3×3 meter per stall. In the front, it used to souvenir seller and in behind used to food and drinks seller. This building process spent the estimation around Rp 1,3 billion from regional government budget.

Punjul Santoso as the vice-Mayor hoped that this project would be used soon for sellers. The role of this market is so important. Because many tourist will buy products from Batu such as souvenir snacks and foods and this market will be rest area for tourist.

Reporter: Aris Dwi
Editor: Aris Syaiful
Copy Editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Heni Rahmayanti
Photografer: Darmono