Saptorenggo Village Head was Thrown into Prison

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PAKIS – The continuation of illegal levies involving Head of Saptorenggo Village, Pakis sub district, Bambang Roni Hermawan continues. Malang Resort Police who handled the case finally pinning the status of suspects in Bambang. He was officially detained since Thursday (11/1).

“Yeah, yesterday (Thursday) I have instructed the detention of Saptorenggo,” said the police chief of Malang resort, AKBP Yade Setiawan Ujung.

As we know, the case of illegal levies in the Saptorenggo Village strongest on December 14, 2017 ago. Besides Bambang, the police have also secured Muhammad Zaeni, Head of Public Affairs of Saptorenggo Village. From the hands of both, the evidence in the form of cash 16 million can be secured. The money is known to come from Sugeng, one of the residents who take care of the deed of two plots of land in Bugis Village, Saptorenggo.

Initially, the deepening of the case made Zaeni as the suspect while Bambang was initially only a witness. The condition is inversely proportional to the initial police data that mentions Zaeni asking for some money on the instructions from Bambang. Now, Bambang’s status has changed into a suspect. The tip ensures that the evidence investigator uses to trap him is enough.

Unfortunately, further details still cannot be exposed. “I continue to coordinate, later when it is clear we plan to release,” he added.

Iptu Sutiyo as Head of Sidik IV Police Unit of Malang Resort added, police have pocketed three strong evidences to drag Bambang into prisoner. First, Zaeni mentions that the demand for fees to manage the deed of land is done at the request of Bambang.

“From that data, we finally continue to deepen the case related to this. The result is that the investigation team has some additional evidence that strengthens Bambang’s involvement in illegal levies,” Tyo continued.

Two other evidence the police have pocketed is the testimony of additional witnesses and some land files. Such as land deed in Bugis Village, Saptorenggo, and Deed of Rights Sharing.

“The suspect may be subject to criminal acts of corruption in article 55 relating to paragraphs 11 and 12 E with the maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment,” he added.

From the information collected this newspaper, there are 12 witnesses who have been questioned. In addition Djuwariyah and Sugeng who became the latest victims, there are four other victims who have been examined.

“The four victims admitted that if asked for money when dealing with the land deed, the nominal value ranges from 7 to 17 million,” added one source in the internal Police Resort of Malang.

Now, Bambang also followed Zaeni who was languishing behind the prison. The case file continues to be rushed by the police. Subsequently submitted to the Kepanjen State Prosecutor and subsequently undergo a series of trials.

Reporter: Ashaq Lupito
Editor: Bayu Mulya
Translator: Jamilah Aljah