Saiful Anwar Hospital Pursue International Accreditation

MALANG CITY – The implementation of the National Standard Accreditation of Indonesian Hospital (SNARS) 1st since January 2018 make hospitals compete to apply for accreditation. Saiful Anwar Hospital (RSSA) Malang is confident to be an international standard hospital. Previously, the hospital belonging to East Java Provincial Government has been pocketed national accreditation.

Director of Saiful Anwar Hospital, dr. Restu Kurnia Tjahjani, MKes, asked for cooperation of all parts of the hospital in order to realize Saiful Anwar Hospital with international standard.

“Since the beginning of 2017, Saiful Anwar Hospital has prepared all the provisions to achieve international accreditation,” she said while giving a speech in SNARS International 1st Edition yesterday.

She explained, SNARS 1st is the first accreditation standard applied in Indonesia. “Previously there has been a hospital accreditation standard, but it is still based on the assessment year such as the 2012 standard or 2017 standard version. So, adjusted the year how the implementation of accreditation,” she explained.

According to her, there are four important elements in the assessment of international accreditation. First, regulations include policies, standards of operational procedures, guidelines, rules, and decisions of hospital directors. Second, documents covering activities, services and medical record files, meeting minutes, audit results, and some other documents. Third, includes observation, namely evidence of activities based on observations made by surveyors.

“The last stage is interview with nine people surveyors to managers, directors, hospital leaders, and Professional Providers, patients, medical and nonmedical personnel, as well as other hospitals,” she said.

dr Nina Sekartina MHA, head of the SNARS Accreditation Surveys Team 1st International Edition said, Saiful Anwar Hospital became the first hospital in East Java to apply for an international accreditation assessment.

“There are three hospitals in Malang that follow SNEARS 1st accreditation. However, Saiful Anwar Hospital is the only one who dares international accreditation,” she said.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations Division of Saiful Anwar Hospital Rusyandini Putri SSTP said, the series of assessments conducted from yesterday to 23 February. Assessment includes several series of interviews with several parts at Saiful Anwar Hospital.

“On Tuesday, surveyors interviewed Saiful Anwar Hospital’s board of directors. Then, on the same day will be given clarification and input for Saiful Anwar Hospital,” she explained.

For 4 days, the interview will be continued by the surveyor to the head of clinical staff education institution and the interview of the students at Saiful Anwar Hospital. This is to know how far the synergy of Saiful Anwar Hospital in improving the quality and service in accordance with international standards.

“On Friday there will be clarification and feedback from the surveyors followed by a field search before the exit conference,” she added.

Reporter: NR2
Editor: Achmad Yani
Copy Editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Darmono