PITI Malang Soon Open the Oriental Medicine Clinic

1) Wali Kota Batu Dewanti Rumpoko, 2) Ketua PITI Malang Raya Dr dr H. Sugiharta Tandya SpPK, 3) Wali Kota Malang Moch. Anton, dan 4) Ketua DPW PITI Jatim Haryanto dalam pelantikan pengurus baru PITI kemarin (21/1).

MALANG CITY – The efforts to bring oriental-based health services are being prepared by the Chinese Islamic Union of Indonesia (PITI) Malang by opening the clinic. The clinic will serve the health care from the East. Not only from China, because herbal therapy and herbal medicine are also available in this place.

The chairman of PITI Malang Raya Dr dr H Sugiharta Tandya SpPK revealed, oriental medicine based clinic will be named Clinic Pratama / Utama & Oriental Medicine. It means, the services clinical health Pratama & Utama such as one-day care facility can be served in this clinic.

“This clinic will be built on two floors,” explained one of the senior doctors at RST Dr. Soepraoen.

In addition, the clinic will also be equipped with various medical treatments from China such as acupuncture, reflection, moxa, laser acupuncture, and others. Otherwise, typical Javanese health care is also presented, such as herbal medicine.

“Oriental-based clinics means treatment from Eastern countries presented,” explained one member of Lions Club Malang Brawijaya.

This former chairman of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) 1993-1994 also conveyed, treatment by using oriental medicine has long been known the benefits. However, in Malang Raya itself, this medicine-based oriental medicine has not had a special place.

President of Rotary Club Malang Celaket hope syiar Islam through this health canfield the maximum result. With the cheap medical costs, people can felt the benefits of health therapy with Chinese tradition.

“Health therapy does not regard tribe, religion, or race. All the general public can get maximum service, “explained the clinical pathology specialist doctor.

Asked about progress, Sugiharta confirmed that the licensing process is being makes. Around 13 Chinese organizations gathered in the Malang People’s Communication Forum (FKWTMR) are also supporting partners for clinical procurement funds.

“The target, April 2018 this clinic can be inaugurated and operated,” he concluded.

Reporter: Binti Nikmatur
Editor: Achmad Yani
Copy Editor: Arief Rochman
Translator: Rodliah Zinka
Photografer: Falahi Mubarok