People’s Business Credit for UMKM

MALANG CITY – UMKM Malang looks different of giving fund in People’s Business Credit platform. BCA and AUSI (Asosiasi UMKM Samudro Indonesia) will make coordination to realize the platform fund.

“For this time, we observe ourselves to find the potential UMKM and offer the funding. With this coordination, we can easy to give the fund to UMKM,” answered Irma Maryastuti as an account officer BCA Malang.

The Association will observe the fund giving for UMKM and BCA only select more detail about how much fund needed based on the businessperson condition. The applying of the platform fund will be adjusted with the UMKM development and needs. Then the association will supervise it.

“We can give five million rupiahs to twenty five rupiahs for Micro People’s Business Credit. But it will be charged the collateral. The association will determine how much fund that will be giver for UMKM and then we will process it,” commented her.

The AUSI has around 200 communities UMKM in Malang. “We collaborate with the association to make easy for supervision,” added her.

For BCA, the fund giving is an obligation to help the government program for UMKM development to make people spirit to be entrepreneur. “We also give workshop about banking material for the UMKM members,” said her.

It contains some material such as the basic management and the way to manage the business itself. “If all members join the workshop it will be difficult so the workshop timing is periodically based on the next schedule,” commented her.

This coordination between BCA and the association is the first time in Malang. “We will give another program for them in the near time,” said her lastly.

Reporter: Silvia Ligan
Editor: Abdul Muntholib
Copy Editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Heni Rahmayanti
Photografer: Bayu Eka