Passenger Jump Up, The Station Operated KLB

MALANG CITY – The surge of train passengers during the Chinese New Year holiday that fall yesterday (16/2), has been anticipated by Railway Staff of Kotabaru Station, Malang. At least 6,257 passengers from Malang departed to various regions since Wednesday (14/2). For Surabaya route, the station operates the KLB (extraordinary train) to accommodate the passengers during this long weekend.

The Vice Head of Malang Kotabaru station, Mardiono said, until yesterday the number of train passenger, suddenly moved up around 40 percent from normally.

“Approximately in a day, the passenger amount 4.200 people. Especially in this holiday, being 6.257 people, since Wednesday and today (yesterday, 12/2) still above-average about 4,377 passengers,” he said.

For security and safety during the long weekend, Mardiono stated that his side stretchered internal security even though did not adding the personnel such as passengers in Idul-Fitri or Christmas.

“Although with the standard amount, passengers don’t have to worry, because we keep increasing the intensity of security, especially during long weekend,” he added.

Meanwhile, the availability of tickets to several areas such as Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung have been sold out until 18 February. “Except Jogja, the availability of tickets about 20 percent for the 16th and 18th of February to Surabaya there are about 10 percent, Blitar 25 percent,” he explained.

For departure and return in weekend, Surabaya registered the most number of departure and return schedule, which is nine times. Followed by Blitar eight times and Jogja-Jakarta five times for each. For Banyuwangi only one departure and return.

Reporter: NR2
Editor: Achmad Yani
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Rodliah Zinka
Photografer: Falahi Mubarok