Legislator Doing Drainages and Potholes Evaluation

MALANG CITY – In this rainy season, the legislator pays more attention to drainage and potholes. It was done to minimize the flood in this Education City.

Chairman of the Commission C (Development Section) Regional House of Representative of Malang City Bambang Sumarto said, his people involves several regional organizations (OPD) to evaluate the construction of drainage and road repairs. Among the OPDs who involved are the Public Works and Spatial Planning Agency (DPUPR) and also the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD). Communities were also involved in this evaluation.

“For budgeting, will be included in maintenance and cultivation fund, because if its included into main budget is not possible,” said this Golkar Party politician yesterday (5/2).

The amount cannot be cut in the beginning. Because, every point that requires improvement, need a varied budget.

Then, why do not repairing immediately? Bambang said, nowadays the weather conditions are not possible. “If we repaired now and then rain comes, the material will be wash out. Therefore, for a while we only can put the marker in the prone places,” said Bambang.

Society involvement, is also a consideration of PUPR (public works and public housing) services in making improvements. “People who know the environmental conditions around where they are lives,” he said.

Reporter: Farik Fajarwati
Editor: Mahmudan
Copy Editor: Arief Rochman
Translator: Rodliah Zinka
Photografer: Rubianto