MALANG KOTA – The danger of drugs must be crucially concerned by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of Malang City. One of ways is by providing socialization related to drugs at the National Institute of Technology (ITN) Malang, Friday (9/14).

AKBP Ir Bambang Sugiharto, MSi, Head of Malang City BNN, giving up the educational procession at Malang ITN is quite inconvenient. “I appreciate these processions. It shows the seriousness of being able to save new students from the dangers of drugs,” he said.

“It is matter for me to stand here, in ITN Malang. My friends, Do not let yourself being an arrogant having a lot of money just for getting a great adventure by doing hard work but relax-being a drugs dealer with new mode.That way you choose is just going to destroy you and your entire generations” he added.

Related to these things, Bambang appealed to ITN students to remain vigilant about the mode and types of drugs, these problem need to be concerned consider they use great tools to deceive the targets .

In the lecture, he also said “Because of that, they told to the target if the drugs are just herbal medicines, vitamins, and so on. I forewarn, especially for students to be carefull and stay alert of the mode and types of drugs that are increasingly transforming.”

Pewarta: Arifina
Editor: Kholid Amrullah
Photographer: Arifina
Translation: Desa Inggris Singosari Team