Keep the Rhythm for Victory, Nanda-Wanedi Victory Post Officially Opened

MALANG – Candidate pairs Mayor and vice mayor of Malang city, Ya’qud Ananda Gudban and Ahmad Wanedi (Menawan) opened officially the center of winner in Sriwijaya Street last Thursday (22/2).

Nanda, nickname of Ya’qud Ananda Gudban- said, this post is one form of endeavor and support from the initiators party and sympathizers to jointly win the pair with this serial number 1.

“Obviously, the Post of Victory is quite important for Menawan couple in the winner of mayor and vice mayor of Malang City 2018,” said Nanda.

On the occasion who attended by the Chairman of the Supporting Menawan Couples Team, Abdul Hakim, Adviser of Victory Team of Geng Wahyudi’s, and also the cadres and sympathizers, Nanda advised that all the cadres of the party, volunteers and sympathizers continue to maintain the solidarity, especially during the campaign period.

“When we are dependable of some political parties to come forward as mayoral candidates, I ask for one condition that we must move together and struggle under difficulties in the elections. This is not just the struggle of Mr. Nanda and Mr. Wanedi, but our movement to see Malang City could be better in the future, “he explained.

Meanwhile, the Counselor of Successful Menawan Geng Wahyudi Team appealed that this Victory Post should be useful for the public to get the information.

“Because of residents will certainly make this place to convey the suggestion, opinion and advice to our team in carrying out the fighting step,” said Gang Wahyudi.

Chairman of the Supporting Team of Menawan Couple, Abdul Hakim said, if the location of the Post of Victory has historical value about Malang city. The buildings which include the cultural heritage are expected to be maximized for the victory of the Nanda-Wanedi couple.

After official opening of the post, the couple of Dr. Ya’qud Ananda Gudban and H. Ahmad Wanedi attended the support declaration of PP (Pemuda Pancasila) Malang City which location not far from Victory Post, Jalan Sriwijaya.

Chairman I of MPC PP Malang City, M. Harianto said, support from the PP came because they saw the figure of this Menawan couple able to protect all circles, including the nationalists.

He added that now PP Malang City has about 3,600 members and if added with the wings of the organization and sympathizers, the number reach about 5,000 people.

“The support that we give especially support in the sense of securing, so that the city of Malang is conducive. Hopefully if the couple Nanda-Wanedi winning the election, they would have to bring the city of Malang better,” he concluded.

Reporter: Didik Harianto
Editor: Irham Thoriq
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Rodliah Zinka
Photografer: Didik Harianto