MALANG CITY – National Institute Technology (ITN) Malang had decided 18 excellent students on the first period of the 59th graduation ceremony on Saturday, March 10th, 2018. Of 357 graduates, those students were the best nominators providently measured by certain criteria including a high Grade Point Average (GPA), graduation timeliness, and unique innovation. Five of excellent students are Fitra Rani KlidaAfiani, RobiMaeza, RifqiBagusWicaksoo, Aloysius YanuardiSetyaPurnama, and TeguhAdiIrawan.

Successfully inventing application software for determining the quality of super rice production in Agricultural Technology Assessment Center (BPTP) East Java, S1 graduate of Industrial Engineering Faculty Fitra Rani obtaining the highest GPA of 3.9 declared “My goal is to computerize all data in BPTP which are initially a memorandum that can be assessed to classify the types of rice either super, medium and less,” Although Fitra will not continue the software, she keeps track on its progress. “I am keen on private sectors, so this project is continually collaborated with my junior level who joined internship in BPTP,” she said

Robi Maheza, the graduate of Engineering Facultyinnovatively created automatic baby swing control system based on fuzzy logic. “When the parents are busy on their duty, babies with a maximum weight of 7 kg can be placed on the swings so as to make a comfort for the baby,” said Robi. Equipped with sensorsof motion, sound and temperature, this electric-fueled tool has spent amount of budget up to Rp 2 million.

In addition, RifqiBagusWicaksono, D3graduate of Industrial Engineering remarkablymade a fish smoker tool. In two months, the tool is finally able to materialize with a stainless steel-weighted 90 kg. For the excess, it is capable of cooking 45 kg simultaneously within an hour. This innovation is the early manufacture for he saw the smoke fish craftsmen in the area Prigi, Watulimo, Trenggalek-East Java that are indeed cooking in conventional way. “Although utilizing the old stovecan burn faster, this toolpromote smart solutions to minimize the coconut shell, produce hygienic products,and cook fast,” he explained.

AlloysiusYanuard, bachelor student of Architecture, was able to design a simple rental apartment in Malang with the theme of sustainable architecture. ThisBalinese young man is curious in the issues of environmentand government. Therefore, he created a mansion that is expected to highly reduce the negative impacts on environmental, social and cultural aspects.

Different fromthe four graduates, TeguhAdias the S1 graduate of Industrial Engineering inspirationally made a forecasting system of raw material inventory in one of the UKM banana chips in Singosari-Malang. It is beneficialto decrease the excess of raw materials and storage that leads to the destruction of materials.

Without any significant hurdle, thosefive ITNgraduatesjust spent two months completing their project. Rector of ITN DrIrLaluMulyadi MT stated that the alumni of ITN Malang must be a pioneer and have fresh ideas. “Our priority centers on technology and positive values for societyadvancement,” he said.

Journalist        : Feni Yusnia
Editor : Kholid Amrullah
Translator        : Dwi Nur Suci
Fotographer       : Feni Yusnia