Government Targeting 3,000 Houses Repairement with Budget for 1,000 Houses Only!

The huge numbers of Malang Regency residents living in Unhabitable House—known as RTLH—become homework of Malang Regency Government. They continue to boost efforts to alleviate poverty through the House Surgery program. Although the government only budgeted the rehabilitation of 1,000 homes this year, but they will increase the number to be able to penetrate 3,000 homes.

Malang Regency Public Works, Housing and Cipta Karya Department—known as PUPCK—continues to find ways to meet those targets. The Head of Malang PUPCK Department Wahyu Hidayat stated, “Our budget can only build 1,000 houses, but Mr. Regent targets as much as 3,000 homes that we need to fix,” said Wahyu.

To meet the additional targets, PUPCK Department tries to hold many stakeholders to participate.

“We involve a lot of parties from offices, schools, private institutions, individuals, including from apparatus like the army right now,” Wahyu said during the agenda of TNI Manunggal Membangun Desa on Tuesday (4/7).

Through the program in cooperation with the army, there have been 10 additional units of RTLH that will be repaired, including the making of 10 units of latrines. In addition, there is pipeline of water channel in Sarirejo, Sumber Putih Village, Wajak Sub-district.

By July, at least 400 houses were renovated. The location is spread in 33 districts, but the area bordering Malang still dominates.

“We mostly do House Surgery in villages and sub-districts directly adjacent to Malang City and the district with rapid growth,” added Wahyu. They are Singosari, Pakis, Wagir and Bululawang.

“The areas we have prioritized for the acceleration of development are Kepanjen, Turen, and Lawang,” added Wahyu.

In accordance with the standards of the National Development Planning Agency, the construction of uninhabitable houses includes the construction of roofs, floors, and walls. “What we are targeting is poor households and we have conducted previous surveys on that,” he added.

In terms of budget, the former head of the marine and fisheries department said, every repaired house gets a budget allocation of between IDR 10 million to IDR 12 million, depending on the level of damage. Meanwhile, the source of funds other than the regional budget (APBD) also comes from special allocation funds (DAK) as well as cooperation programs with private parties.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Malang Rendra Kresna ensured, the development program is one of the priorities of local government development. “To improve the level of community welfare in addition to education, housing problems are also our special attention,” he said.

In the agenda of TNI Manunggal Membangun Desa, Rendra also thanked the army providing 10 units of development assistance for Sumber Putih Village residents, Wajak Sub-district.

Pewarta: Farikh Fajarwati
Penyunting: Achmad Yani
Copy Editor: Indah Setyowati
Alih Bahasa: Faizah Zakiyah