Galactic Club Community Ma Chung University

MALANG CITY – It is interesting view if you can see kinds of sky object from telescope. Ma Chung Galactic Club comes to introduce the astronomy lesson to the students.

The story started at 10.30 am the newspaper journalist arrived in the front of the rectorate building of Ma Chung University on Thursday (8/2). The six college students who joined this community have prepared telescope type barride optics with the diameter 9 centimeter. They will observe the sky objects.

“We usually do the observation on March-October because those months were rarely rain,” said Almira Praza Rachmadian as the chief of this community.

She continued to tell the background of this community. It created since 2015 years ago and had thirty-five members until now. For the additional information, this community is free for people who want to join. “They can follow the observation and the training,” answered her.

Dr Chatief Kunjaya as the initiator and the astronomer who supports them to build this community welcome enthusiastically. For three years ago, it was proof that this community is done goodly.

On September 2017, we contributed in Indonesia Astronomy Club Jamboree in Pasuruan. For the near time, we will join the activity with Forum Komunikasi Astronom Amatir Lintas Jatim in Surabaya. “That agenda is big event but it is not sure,” commented her.

There are some agenda in one year based on the work program under the student affairs such as the summer school on June, the comparative study to Bandung Institute of Technology and do some training to schools.

“We visited two schools on 2016 and we invited some schools on 2017. For this year we will visit to some schools again,” answered her.

“We do the observation with other communities and we can discuss more interesting topic about the hoax information such as equinox phenomena and eclipse myth,” added her.

Talking about the result observation, it published in Journal of Physics from United Kingdom. “We want to give the knowledge and the up-to-date information about astronomy,” answered Dr Chatief Kunjaya as the rector of this university.

He continued that the college students are very enthusiastic to join this community. “They can see the ring in the Saturn planet and it could the excited moment,” commented him.

Reporter: Imarotul Izzah
Editor: Irham Thoriq
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Heni Rahmayanti
Photografer: Rubianto