Finally! A Big Cinema Accommodating 700 People Exist in Malang

Cinemaxx Malang Town Square (Matos) will be the biggest operating cinema in Great Malang because it can accommodate up to 700 people.

There was no cinema with six studios in Great Malang before. Some cinemas only have 3-4 studios. The managers of Matos said that Cinemaxx Matos was in the first floor even though it is located in the forth floor. The cinema was planned to start operating since June 17. They will open four studios before the other two.

The manager of Cinemaxx Matos Kurniawan said, his parties are speeding up preparing for the opening. “We are preparing the seats now,” said Kurniawan.

He stated, there might be a revision of the seat position because of the quota of the room. “The total quota is for 700 people, but we don’t know whether a position shift will happen or not,” he explained.

Of the six studios, each studio has different capacity. One of them is a VIP studio. However, Kurniawan did not explain about the VIP studio and asked the citizen to wait and see. The detail of the studios will be open on the opening of the cinema on the coming June 17.

To note, Cinemaxx is one of cinema networks on behalf of Lippo Group. Cinemaxx Cinema exists in almost all Loppo Group’s shopping center.

Cinemaxx first operated in Lippo Plaza Batu since April 2017. It becomes the first cinema operating for a decade in Batu City.

Cinemaxx’s name appeared nationally in 2014. The existence of Cinemaxx has made Matos extend the contract with Cinema 21 ended on March 1, 2016. After a year without a cinema, Cinemaxx appears with a new color in Matos.

Cinemaxx has also made the competition of cinema business in Great Malang getting tighter. Cinemaxx will compete with other cinema netwoks such as Cinema 21 (Mandala malang Plaza and Cyber mall Dieng) and Moviemaxx (sarinah and Mall Dinoyo City).

The existence of the three of them in six locations has proved that movie show business has a good market in Malang City. Moreover, a few numbers of qualified movies keep growing in recent years, both western movies such as Superman and local movies such as Warkop DKI Reborn: Jangkrik Boss!

Pewarta: Fisca Tanjung
Penyunting: Indra Mufarendra
Alih Bahasa: Faizah Zakiyah
Foto: Darmono