Fast n Furious Car for Angkut Museum

Mobil jenis Chevrolet Chevelle SS 8200 cc ini menjadi koleksi terbaru Museum Angkut.

BATU CITY – New Car Collection typed Chevrolet Chevelle SS 8200 cc in Angkut Museum. It had the big cylinder capacity that makes the voice is hard. It called American Muscle with orange color and white line from the hood to back.

The great car seemed like Vin Diesel’s car or Dominic Toretto’s car in Fast & Furious movie. It had speed likes 450 horsepower and the torsion had 745 Nm. On yesterday, Glenn Sumendap tried to drive this car from Angkut museum to Sultan Agung Street. He admitted satisfied that he could drive a special car. The Chevrolet Chevelle only exist six cars in the world and it came with fifteen cars others.

Endang A. Shobirin as the operation manager explained that today (yesterday) the sixteen series cars came from American. “We complete the history of transportation here,” said him. Every car is special to have and drive.

He continued that that car is same series that used in Fast & Furious 4 movie of Dominic Toretto. “We get a part of cars from the car collectors,” answered him. For the price, the output car 1950s reached around 2 billion that still original and had modified.

“The price of other cars reached around three million rupiahs to four million rupiahs,” commented him.

The car condition is good and can to be driven. “It is truly the driver can drive the car and it looks like vintage,” added him.

The sixteen cars arrived in the museum by the sea trip and inside the containers for forty-eight days. The number of collection is 215 cars collection to be adding 16 units. “We want to search more in other countries likes Europe,” answered him.

Glenn Sumendap added his opinion about the Chevrolet Chevelle is so special. “This car is still original and to be right modified,” said him. He continued when he drove the car, as he wants to jump. It was comfortable for driving.

Reporter: Aris Dwi
Editor: Abdul Muntholib
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Heni Rahmayanti
Photografer: Rubianto