East Borneo Governor Cup Backward, Singo Edan Holds Trial Match

MALANG – The soccer calendar in Indonesia is completely uncertain. In addition to the League 1 schedule that withdrew from March 3, 2018, the preseason schedule is also uncertain. East Borneo Governor Cup is scheduled to be held February 18 to 28 also resigned from 23 February to 4 March.

Previously, Arema wanted to follow the tournament to increase the flying hours of the players. Because there is a long pause, the possibility is Arema FC will hold a trial before the East Borneo Governor Cup. “There is already a test plan,” said Gethuk (Arema Coach) yesterday.

However, when asked further, he is reluctant to divulge who the team will face Dendi Santoso and friends. “Just wait and see,” said him with a smile.

Implementation of the trial is the same as following the Governor Cup that is increasing the flying hours for the players. “The more play, the more they become tested,” he explained.

Of course, to raise the mental match, Arema must fight strong teams that are at least in the same level. However, when touched on whether the team is a League 1 team, he was still reluctant to comment. “The important thing is not our opponent team,” he added.

The possible opponent for Arema FC is Barito Putera. Therefore, Barito Putera is currently holding a training center in Batu City. Previously, Singo Edan also won 2-0 over this team in a test match on January 14 last.

While, the other team that allows to be the opposite is Malang United. The team also seems to be preparing to start the competition in League 3 this year. In addition, former of national U-19 team coach Indra Syafri and UEFA Pro license coach Zoran Moric are also in charge of Malang United. Therefore, against this team could be an exciting match.

Nevertheless, responding to a backward schedule, Gethuk is not too concerned about it. “Actually it’s not a big deal,” said him. According to him, it will only affect the shift schedule is not against his team. “If backed down, the schedule of the competition is backwards,” he added.

In addition, the resumption of East Borneo Governor Cup schedule is also likely to affect the League 1 schedule. Previously, League 1 2018 is planned to be rolled out at the end of February which then resigns to March 3, 2018. However, it seems that it will also be delayed again to see the newly scheduled of East Borneo Governor Cup schedule which end in March 4.

Reporter: Gigih Mazda
Editor: Irham Thoriq
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Falahi Mubarok