Determination to Malang City’s Birthday

The anniversary of Malang City which falls on 1 April must be livelier, vibrant, echoing, and involving all components in Malang. This is among the determination of the afternoon yesterday voiced representatives of organizations, communities, and from the government who gathered in the office of Java Post Radar Malang on Kawi Street 11-B yesterday (19/3).

“The events in Malang are very dynamic. The scale is national and international. The community is very compact. The city of Malang is also a barometer in many ways.

However, every time the event of the anniversary of Malang City impressed very less echo,” said Kurniawan Muhammad yesterday represented the President of Indonesia Marketing Association Chapter Malang Rachmad Santoso and host of the meeting.

Furthermore, Kurniawan said, as a marketing organization with national and international networks, Indonesia Marketing Association Chapter Malang wants to actively engage in marketing the Malang City. This is just like the Indonesia Marketing Association of other chapters in Indonesia who are also very active in marketing their respective regions.

“As long as there is momentum of Birthday Party of Malang City, the Indonesia Marketing Association invites all components, organizations, communities, agencies, both government and private, to jointly make something more vibrant, more echoing, and more impact,” Kurniawan said.

In addition, the other boards of Indonesia Marketing Association Chapter Malang who present were Fifi Trisjanti, Nyu Mega, Sasmita Rahayu, and Richjoe. The other is the government of Malang, attended by Assistant I (Division of Government and Social Welfare) Abdul Malik, Head of Culture and Tourism Ida Ayu Made Wahyuni, and Head of Public Relations M. Nurwidianto. From the banking elements, there were Romadhina (Bank Jawa Timur), Nita Rossana (Nmark Communication), Azariel (Association of Indonesian Shopping Center Managers), Didith and Tanti (both Radio Kosmonita). From representatives of organizations or communities, present Chairman of the Indonesian Retail Employers Association Indra Setiadi and Malang Creative Fusion Coordinator Vicky Arief.

Malik fully supports the initiation of Indonesia Marketing Association Chapter Malang to enliven Birthday of Malang this year. “Please give us any ideas. We will support. What can we do about it?” Malik asked.

The same thing also conveyed by Ida. “We do need conductor for Malang City’s Birthday to be more echoed from before. We agree that the conductor is the Indonesia Marketing Association,” she added.

Fifi said, every year, the organization she leads always make big-time event to enliven the Birthday of Malang. The big sale event which every year made is Malang Shopping Adventure.

“This year if implemented with the togetherness of all parties, then this will enliven the Birthday of Malang,” she said.

Source: Radar Malang
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Bayu Eka