Conflict Between Foundation and Lecturer, Student Become Victim

MALANG CITY – Internal polemic in Kanjuruhan University of Malang (Unikama) still continues. Yesterday (26/2), two demonstrations coloring the campus which located on S. Supriyadi street, Sukun District, Malang. The first action was carried out by hundreds of lecturers and employees. While the second demonstartions held by BEM (Student Executive Board) of Unikama.

The demonstration of the lecturers and employees that were followed by the seal action was triggered by the creation of a new rector room by the chairman of the Foundation of Teachers Association of Higher Education Institution of Indonesian Teachers Association (PPLP-PT PGRI) Kanjuruhan University of Malang (Unikama), Christea Frisdiantara. The demonstration of hundreds lecturers and employees of Unikama was held in the rector room. A number of pamphlets and posters are appeared outside to the hall of the rectorate.

Some of the posters says, “This room is sealed by Civitas Academica and Unikama’s employees” and “Save Unikama, Save Student, We Love Unikama, Solidarity Yes”.

Meanwhile, on the door of the new rectorate stuck the written, “Civitas Akademika & Employees of Kanjuruhan University of Malang Not Recognizing and Rejecting the Rector who choosen by Dr. Christea Frisdiantara CS ‘.

The Vice Rector (Warek) III Unikama, Dr Joice Soraya SH MHum said, that the demonstration who held by lecturers and employees was done because they did not want the polemic which happened in the internal foundation disturb the internal campus. It follows the effort of coercion of lecturers to sign the integrity pact. Those who refuse will be threatened unpaid.

“The new foundation is intervening by forcing lecturers to sign an integrity pact. Though, there is no connectivity between the integrity pact with the employment agreement,” he explained.

According to Joice, the employees were also asked to sign the integrity pact, and most of the are refused.

Joice added, the sealing of the office because the new PPLP PT has made the maneuvers that are considered to have violated the procedure.

“Starting from the inaugurated rector and also dismissing the vice rector without procedure,” he explained. Whereas the status of vice rector and the new rector who fortunately as a DPK lecturer (lecturers PNS assisted in the PTS) has not the permission of Kopertis (Associate Coordinations of Colleges).

Meanwhile, the Rector of the University of Kanjuruhan, Dr Pieter Sahertian MSi requested that all parties refrain. He explained, the internal conflict of the foundation that shade the Unikama still attempted to be resolved legally through the Administrative Court.

“So, do not take action first. Be patient while waiting for the PTUN decision,” explained Pieters.

As known, there are two team of PPLP PT who shelter the Unikama. There are, the old PPLP PT, who headed by Drs H Soedja’I, and the Christea team who claimed to have the decree (SK) as the new chairman. Soedja’I team said that he was the chairman of PPLP PT felt his SK had never been canceled.

Meanwhile, SK Christea Frisdiantara as chairman of PPLP PT is still being the object of dispute in PTUN.

Pieters hopes, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the PTUN verdict is come out. The verdict can make the campus to be conducive and calm again. Pieter himself argues that the decree (SK) should not be used to commit and take policies that causes conflict.

“The point is, if there is a conflict in the foundation, go on. Let it be done at the foundation level. But do not get into the territory of the management governing. Because it will interfere the academic activities,” he explained.

Reporter: Imarotul Izzah
Editor: Achmad Yani
Copy Editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Rodliah Zinka
Photografer: Bayu Eka