Competing in East Borneo Cup, Gethuk Continue to Grind his Players Capability

MALANG – Arema FC management apparently still believe that the preseason tournament is powerful enough to increase the flying hours of players. After joining 2018 President Cup, Arema FC will take 2018 East Borneo Governor Cup.

The plan, today the management of Arema FC will deliver an official letter to the organizing committee of the East Borneo Governor Cup tournament. The tournament itself is planned to be held on 18-28 February 2018. It was submitted by Media Officer of Arema FC, Sudarmaji.

“Bismillah, Arema FC will join the tournament,” said him yesterday. He explained that the deadline for confirmation following the tournament is today. So, they will immediately follow the tournament.

Previously, General Manager of Arema FC, Ruddy Widodo revealed that Arema FC is not sure will follow the championship. He explained that both the team and the management wanted to concentrate first on the President’s Cup.

However, it seems that the management has been steadily following the event. According to Darmaji, the concentration of Arema FC team in East Borneo Governor Cup will not affect the President Cup.

He explained that they want to play some players who lack the minute play. To note, because the time is too short, Arema FC can only do three times the trial agenda; the trials against PSIS Semarang twice and Barito Putera.

“In essence, we want to add a minute play, especially for players who do not play during the match in the President Cup,” added him.

To note, step in playing an experienced player in President Cup is realistic because Arema FC use more players who are really ready and are in the best condition. Because it is not wrong if they fielded some of their core players who will automatically miss the flying hours of other players. Some players seem to only play as a substitute in the last minute or do not even get a minute playing at all.

The minimum players of the flying hours are Utam Rusdiana, Reky Rahayu, Teddy Heri, Junda Irawan, Juan Revi, M. Rafli, Nasir, Jayus Hariono, and Ahmad Nur Hardianto. Opportunity to follow the competition will be utilized to increase the experience of the players.

Meanwhile, Gethuk as Arema FC coach revealed that he does want all his players to improve in quality. “All my players are improving,” said Gethuk. He pointed out that players like Thiago Furtuoso, Dendi Santoso, Rodrigo Ost, and other players who improved the quality.

Even so, he does not want to be complacent because he wants to see their ability and experience increase. It could be a preseason match like East Borneo Governor Cup can be put to good use. “I do not want the increase to just get here. Surely we want more than that,” he concluded.

Reporter: Gigih Mazda
Editor: Irham Thoriq
Copy editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Doli Siregar