Children’s’ Mini Bus Story

Bus Sekolah.

MALANG CITY – The children public transportation or mini bus that prepared by education department Malang has operated to accompany them go to school. Since 4 months operation, it became the new prima donna for the students.

Totok Hidayat as the secretary of education department said that until now any trouble of mini bus operating.

“The driver said to me that there is a child who stand up until arrive to the school because there is not seat again. It happened because many children want to go to school by mini bus,” told Totok on yesterday (13/3).

In addition, the hope to mini bus development can be picked up in hard to reach area. “When I attended the meeting I got a complaint from local residents exactly the driver should pass far location such as Tasikmadu and Tidar,” commented him.

After the evaluation meeting on January, it determined 5 routes with shelter in 5 JHS Malang such as JHS 22 to JHS 16 then JHS 11 to JHS 26, JHS 15 to JHS19, and JHS 22 to JHS 23. The mini bus departure go from two different posts.

“For example first route is from JHS 22 to JHS 16. It will be different elf that picked up the students. The elf operated departure and go home around two or three times. We hope the driver ready go at 05.30 WIB in each shelter,” explained him.

Talking about the financing service and driver’s salary is depending on education department. “The message for the driver is he can keep elf condition goodly,” said him lastly.

Reporter: NR2
Editor: Irham Thoriq
Copy Editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Heni Rahmayanti
Photografer: Radar Malang