BMT PSU Still Hasn’t Step The Edge

30. 5 billion rupiah are still being asked back by their ex-client. Sadly, they still find the way out of it, since 2015 until now a lot of demos have been done. And, General Manager (GM) of BMT PSU, Anharil Huda got arrested on July, 2015. But, after a while in the jail, he died (2017 because of his sickness. ‘where did the money go?’ still haunt the clients until now. So, halalbihala was done to garner more support at gedung Kesenian Gajayana, Jalan Nusakambangan.

“We got a new management, just for payback the clients’ money. There will be no more after finishing this case,” Gatot Subiantoro said as The Head of Windup BMT PSU Case Team.

40 billion rupiah is not the exact amount, but most of the clients said that they had loss less than 50 million rupiah. And some of them said around 15 million – 1 billion rupiah.

“The newest data said that it’s around 11 billion rupiah,” he said.

He just hoped that the clients can submit the documents soon, because he predicted that the total is 30. 5 billion rupiah. Riil data will help also. BMT PSU will get the credit of its clients, it’s around 9 billion, and they still found a data about it.

BMT PSU assets had returned by State Attorney of Malang. 81 stuffs has been returned, such as 58 BPKBs, 23 land certificates, 13 computers, 6 projectors, and a car (Suzuki APV, N 1951 AH), all of that were around 1. 5 billion.

“The main hope is on 3, 000 meters land in Soekarno-Hatta. We have all of the documents, so the total maybe 12.5 billions,” he said.

And, the price now is around 75 billion. “We may get 20 million, but the important thing is their money are back,” he said.

Actually, it was a black hole (the first time BMT PSU bought the land). They just got 600 million rupiah when they bought it, but because they told Rudy Soesamto (the owner) that they would build Gedung Islamic Center, Rudy finally gave it with 12. 5 million discount (the real price is 27. 5 million). They even did credits on Rumah Sakit Islam Lamongan, BMT Sidogiri, and some people before bought it. But, they changed the plan into apartment building in a partner with Lord In Hotel. Then, Rudy changed it again to the first price, and PT Sinwa Barokah Abadi and Abdul Majid from BMT Sidogiri took over the project. Meanwhile, BMT PSU couldn’t payback the credit of BMT Sidogiri and some clients, because they just got 5 billion back from Rudy. But, Gatot is sure that it still became BMT PSU’s assets.

“It can be the only hope,” he said.

Anharil Huda’s had gave this (to be taken over) all to Afdal Fauza, DPRD Kota Malang of Hanura faction. So, Gatot will have a meeting with Rudy and Afdal Fauza about the about the documents and the credits of BMT PSU.

Untung Hendro, as an ex-client is always telling the other victims to stay together. “They all already sick of it, they will just let it go. So, if there’s something that needs to be return, just give it to orphanage,” he said.

Afdal Fauza stated that he just got the copies of the documents instead of the real ones.

“It’s not true, I just got the copies. I just got the feeling to copy them, cause of my sick brother,” he said.

And, Rudy asked the reporter to ask to BMT Sidogiri at first. There is no polemic on it, it’s all belong to investor, including Rudy. “It wasn’t belong to BMT PSU, but I don’t know. The problem might be between Pak Rudy and BMT PSU,” he said.

Reporter: Fajrus Shiddiq
Editor: Abdul Muntholib
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Lutfiyah Rahma
Photografer: Bayu Eka