Automated Starfruit Wrapping Tool by ITN Malang Students Passed Pimnas

MALANG CITY – Innovation of star fruit wrapping tools by ITN Malang students deserves a huge applause. It is because their innovation helps the starfruit farmers to wrap the starfruit high up on the tree and this tool also helps the farmer to protect the fruit from the pest which harms the fruit. ITN Malang students created packets and pickers of star fruit by using the pulley principle. The creative students are Muhamad Zaydi Muhazzab, Tiar Bagus Musfiron, and Nanda Romadhoni. They called this innovation as Gala Gantung Semar.

This innovation came up when they saw the farmers doing work manually by hand. They thought it’s quite tiring and dangerous just using a ladder. Tiar said “we thought it’s quite difficult for them to wrap the starfruit by hand while the fruit cannot be reached”

To overcome these difficulties, the students of electrical engineering changed the sticks of bulb plugs (lamp replacement sticks) become starfruit wrappers and pickers. this tool relatively easy to create, fitted the sticks with a bulb. Then the timing belt is set from the bottom to the top. At the bottom, the timing belt is associated with the motor as a drive.

“2.5 meters of stick maximumly enough. But we immediately extended the stick, so it’s not the one that can be extended short. Because it will be difficult when setting the timing belt if the stick is extended short, “said Tiar.

After the timing belt and drive motor are set, then just put the plastic bag along the timing belt. The trick is that put around through the cable that are attached to the top / hole of the plastic bag. Then attached the plastic bag to the timing belt with a distance between bags about 10 cm.

“Effectively With this tool the farmer able to put on five plastic bags in a time” continued the student from Pasuruan.

The process of wrapping the fruit is very easy. After the plastic bag is set, the farmer put the fruit into the plastic bag. By using a switch and pulley system, the motor will automatically move the timing belt upwards.

There is a kind of hook at the end of the stick when the timing belt moves it will help the ties cable to tighten the plastic bag so that it closes tightly and the cable ties loose from the timing belt.

“Likewise, when you want to pick the fruit, just put it on. “Only the fruit that has a plastic bag with ties can be harvested with this tool,” The student said.

Tiar said, farmers do not worry when the field of star fruit absence of electricity. This tool is equipped with a 12 vol DC motor and two 18-volt batteries (9 volt for each battery) so that it lasts longer. Battery strength can last around one month of normal use, whereas if high usage intensity can last up to 15 days.

The tool, named ‘Gala Gantung Semar’, has been tested on farmers’ star fruit in Boyolangu agrotourism, Tulungagung Regency, East Java.

According to Wigiono, the owner of a starfruit garden, he really appreciated the work of ITN Malang students. With these tools, farmers will be able to pack and pick fruit faster at once in large quantities.

He was quite surprised with the work, besides being easy, effective and efficient in its use, the price was not too expensive.

In addition to greatly assisting starfruit farmers, Gala Gantung Semar also received appreciation from the Monev Assessor team in the Applied Student Creativity Week (PKM-T), at the University of Malang (UM) on Thursday, July 19 2018. PKM by the title ‘Gala Gantung Semar Wrapping and Picking Tools for Star fruit Using Pulley Principles in Boyolangu Starfruit Garden, Tulungagung, East Java’, this passed IMNAS Week and as a mainstay of ITN Malang on PIMNAS which will be held at UNY on August 18th.

Editor: Kholid Amrullah
Translator: Indocita (Desa Inggris Singosari)