Arema FC Outweighs PSIS Semarang 3-1 in President Cup

Hope champion in 2018 President Cup is still maintained by Arema FC. This is happen after Singo Edan was successfully winning 3-1 (2-0) over PSIS Semarang at Kanjuruhan Stadium last night (25/1). This victory at once paved the way Arema to Group E champion. Pocketed four points with five goals and conceded three goals.

Arema FC victory is at once a disaster for PSIS Semarang. Therefore, PSIS Semarang had to go home first. PSIS has not earned a point after previously also lost 0-1 from Bhayangkara FC.

For Arema, to ensure the champion of Group E, they have to beat Bhayangkara FC on January 30 next. In fact, if the series only, Arema has made sure the ticket passes to the next round. But if lost, the chance escaped very heavy. Moreover, Persela Lamongan who now packs two points likely to overtake if wins over PSIS on January 30 next.

In action last night, since the early minutes Arema FC immediately kicked off. There is not much room for PSIS players. Suppress and keep pressing. Evidently, this strategy is quite powerful. Just four minutes walk action; one goal successfully printed Arema FC through Dendi Santoso long-distance kick.

The kick from the left side of PSIS goal actually did not lead to the goal. However, because the ball was hard hit PSIS defender, Rio Saputra, so the ball turns and breaks the goal of PSIS.

Action starts to heat up. PSIS players are a little bit emotional by playing hard. As a result, a yellow card was given by the referee Faulur Rosy to Ibrahim Conteh for blocking the Arema goalkeeper.
Four minutes later, Arema goal pot added. This time started from the chaos in front of PSIS goal.

Johan Alfarizie who was in the right position is able to grab the ball over by a header. PSIS goalkeeper, Bayu Aji had trouble reaching the ball of Alfarizie’s header.

Superior two goals, Arema FC is getting the upper hand. Dendi Santoso and friends look calmer playing the tempo of the match. However, PSIS apparently began to dare to get out of the pressure.

Counterattack several times. But, Arema defense fortress escorted Arthur Cunha and Purwaka Yudhi is too strong.

PSIS’s strategy of pulling out Rio Saputro by including Hapit Ibrahim looks so effective. Bayu Nugroho and friends could make defense oversize. Only, PSIS does not have a sharp striker. Opportunity goals only wasted until the first half ended.

In the second half, Arema add the goals through Thiago Furtuoso. PSIS goalkeeper, Aji Bayu who came out of the hive intent to ambush the ball from Thiago’s feet actually make a blunder. The ball was unsuccessfully secured, precisely Thiago escaped and stay one touch managed to score goals.

Left behind three goals, PSIS goalkeeper Aji Bayu was pulled out by coach Subangkit replaced with Sendri Johansyah. The match is getting interesting and louder. One small incident between Dendi Santoso and Frendy Saputra occurred in the 60th minute. Both were rewarded with a yellow card. In the 69th minute, PSIS narrowed the defeat with one goal through Nur Yulianto. The match ended 3-1 for Arema FC victory.

Meanwhile, Arema FC coach, Joko “Gethuk” Susilo grateful for the victory that evokes his foster children. But, he still assess there are still some things that need to be addressed against Bhayangkara FC Tuesday (30/1).

“Should if we can control the emotions and controls the match, goals from opponents does not happen,” said him.

Therefore, the attitude of vigilant according to Gethuk should be emphasized by the players. Moreover, Arema FC had won 2-0 from Persela Lamongan, then equated to 2-2. “It’s a mental problem, it’s like paranoid,” he added.

Related to the next match against Bhayangkara FC, according to him, it is not easy. “Tonight (last night) we break first, tomorrow (today) we think the way against Bhayangkara FC,” said him.

Meanwhile, team captain of Arema FC, Dendi Santoso was grateful to win the match last night. “I apologize for yesterday. I was a little emotion,” he said. In the match last night, he did have a fight with Frendy Saputra (PSIS Semarang player). “I also apologize to PSIS about it,” he added.

While the coach of PSIS Semarang, Subangkit stated that Arema FC have good player skill. However, it does not mean his team has no chance. “This defeat is a good learning, from that we have to changed,” said him.

He also did not question the closed opportunity of PSIS Semarang after losing a streak. Before losing to Arema FC, PSIS lost to Bhayangkara FC. “There is no target for us in President Cup, we just test the match with a stronger team,” he concluded.

PSIS Semarang player, Haudi Abdillah congratulated on the victory of Arema FC. “They are more in control the match, ten minutes of carelessness from our team at the start of the innings,” he said.

Reporter: Gigih Mazda
Editor: Irham Thoriq & Abdul Muntholib
Copy editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Darmono