Arema FC Have not Thought to Add Players

MALANG CITY – Team coach of Arema FC will make a major overhaul due to the failure of this team in Presidential Cup 2018. But, it’s just a matter of technical and mental players, not in order to dismantle pairs of players.

Arema FC coach, Joko “Gethuk” Susilo said, until now he still has not thought to add players although the opportunity to add players is still open and the maximum limit are 35 players. “But that’s not what we thought at all. We have 29 players, this is maximized,” said Gethuk yesterday.

Nevertheless, he has not thought adding players is not an absolute thing. Therefore, the possibility of adding players wide open for professional teams. “In any soccer world, adding the squad is a normal thing but now our focus is not there,” he added.

Because not have a design yet to add more players, Gethuk does not mention where the shortage of Arema FC at this time.

Meanwhile, to ripen the existing squad, he needs time. In football, there is no instant term. “If you want somethung instant, buy an instant player or a great one. But, we chose to recruit young players,” he said.

Therefore, everything needs a process. When asked how long the process of finalizing the team will be done, he did not answer it for sure. “We try, when the League 1 starts the team is ready,” he said.

Based on the evaluation in the Presidential Cup, there are many things that need to be addressed. The most striking is the mentality of the player who down when Arema FC failed to take advantage of penalty chances. In addition, “illness” in the form of bad play in the second half also need to be eliminated.

It was seen against Sriwijaya FC in the last eight of the 2018 Presidential Cup. At that time, Arema FC played well in the first half, but declined in the second half. “In the first round there are still some gaps that I think can still be improved again,” he said.

“However, certainly I cannot explain here,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sudarmaji as the Media Officer of Arema FC added, currently Arema FC has 29 players and all have been contracted. Thus, players who are considered less performing in the Presidental Cup are less to be kicked out.

“For the addition of players, it seems not yet. But, it depends on the players before the registration of League 1,” said him.

Reporter: Gigih Mazda
Editor: Irham Thoriq
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Angger Bondan/Jawa Pos