Approaching the National Computer-Based Exam, 10 Schools are Still on Board

BATU CITY – Schools in Kota Batu are apparently not one hundred percent ready to welcome the National Computer-Based Exam next April. The unprepared school was forced to board another school.

Approximately ten schools have to join another school. Among these, eight Junior High School / Private Islamic Junior High School and two one-roof Junior High Schools were forced to borrow facilities owned by Senior High School and Vocational High School in Batu City.

Based on the data from Batu City Education Office, the numbers of Junior High School/Private Islamic Junior High School that will conduct the National Computer-Based Exam are 30 schools with the number of students approximately 3,253 students. With details, schools that have implemented independently there are 20 institutions and 10 others are still joining other schools. Of these, two are one-roof public schools and eight are private schools. They cannot hold it independently because there are some less prepared, from the absence of internet network to the computer.

Head of Batu City Education Office Mistin said, all Junior High School in Batu City has joined the National Computer-Based Exam. However, not all schools can implement it independently. “For public schools, everything is ready. We no longer ride to High School or Vocational High School,” he said.

`He continued, this year, Batu City Education Office is trying to make the school can implement the National Computer-Based Exam independently. “There is the addition of 200 units of computers this year to several schools,” he said.

The new device is sufficient for some of the country’s underprivileged schools. For preparation, so far there are no obstacles. There are tryouts ranging from centers, education offices, and from Jawa Pos Radar Malang.

“Everything is ready. Not to mention every day there is learning from the ATV and the school itself,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of MKKS Junior High School Barokah Santoso admitted there is still a Junior High School that must implement the National Computer-Based Exam by joining the Junior High School or Vocational School nearby.

“Schools that have not been able to implement independently are not due to lack of computers, but because of the internet network,” he said.

The schools are, Toyomerto and Gunungsari Junior High School. “There are computer facilities. Only, the internet network cannot be reached so the school had to ride,” he said.

Barokah mentioned that one-roof Toyomerto Junior High School had to carry out the National Computer-Based Exam at Putikecwara Vocational High School, Batu City, PGRI 1 Junior High School ride to PGRI Senior High School Batu, and one-roof Gunungsari Junior High School to the State Vocational High School 3 Batu.

“The Six State Junior High Schools are all self-sufficient, the first two one-roof schools have had it yet, and some are private,” he explained. Although riding, Barokah is not worried about disturbing the children in answer the questions. Therefore, during this preparation has been very well.

Reporter: Aris Dwi
Editor: Irham Thoriq
Copy editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Falahi Mubarok