Anton: Makes a Realistic Program

MALANG CITY – Underestimating the opponent does not seem to exist in the minds of the couple Anton-Syamsul (Asik). Although the statuses are as incumbent, Anton and Syamsul are very excited when serving the community.

During the campaign started, Asik actively descended to the community. It was starting from the traders in the market, factory workers, the environment of marginalized communities, and Citizens Association. The campaign is a cool choice to know firsthand what the attention of the community is. That way, the aspirations of the community can be directly absorbed.

Anton stated, he always came to the field because he did not want to go in the realm of gray. By going down to the field, he can understand exactly what the citizens feel. In addition, by going down to the field, Asik team automatically chooses to work real and did not do the black campaign.

“Asik’s team has never ordered a black campaign,” Anton said on the sidelines of a campaign at Sukun yesterday.

He said, he wanted to invite other candidates not to use a black campaign in campaigning. Each candidate pair must show and make a good opinion to the public. “The black campaign is old-fashioned,” he said.

Currently, Asik will invite other candidates to compete in the program. A good program and accepted by the community will certainly get a positive response. While the program is considered less realistic will only make people hope.

“Come on the program. Come on in the debate. Do not worry the public with a black campaign,” he said.

Yesterday, Anton and Syamsul campaigned in Sukun Districts. Both the team and the success team came to the market and orphanage. It starts from Bandulan, Mulyorejo, Gadang, Janti, Ciptomulyo, to Ngaglik.

Reporter: Fajrus Shiddiq
Editor: Irham Thoriq
Copy Editor: Arief Rohman
Translator: Jamilah Aljah
Photografer: Rubianto