AnNuur Mosque Administrators Extrude Food Court II Development

Tempat parkir Plaza Batu ini bakal diubah menjadi food court.

Batu City Government keep trying to arrange the street vendors around Batu Town Square. They are currently building a food court, a street hawker center, on Kartini Street (in front of Ganesha Sports Center Batu City).

They will also build another food court in the courtyard of Plaza Batu, on Gajah Mada Street. This project is already in the auction stage of Electronic Procurement Services—known as LPSE—with a value of IDR 1.4 billion.

However, this buildup is not expected to run smoothly because Grand Mosque AnNuur administrators rejected it. “The location is close to the mosque. We are worried that it will disturb the people praying,” said the Secretary of the Grand Mosque AnNuur Foundation Bambang Iriawan yesterday (4/7).

As already known, Pemuda Pancasila also rejected the construction because their parking lot will disappear.

Bambang added, his party received a notice from Batu City Housing, Regions, Settlements and Land Department in early June. The letter is only a development notification.

“They should discuss it first as when building a ferris wheel (in the square),” he added.

He explained that his party objected to the food court model because the building can cover the mosque. “And we have built the mosque as good as possible, but it becomes useless because it is covered,” he said.

Not only that, he continued, the construction is feared will create a noise from traders who can interfere with the comfort of people in the mosque. “Food court is usually full of music,” he stated.

The foundation will deliver a letter to Batu City House of Representative in order to meet with the relevant department. “It is so that we can hold a conversation together,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the temporary official of the Head of Housing, Settlement and Land Affairs of Batu Himpun stated that his party has not received any report on the objection from the mosque’s administrators either in written or orally until yesterday. “How do we respond then?” he responded.

He added, the food court is planned to have two floors with the downstare as a parking lot and upstairs for the center of street vendors. The building area is 20×15 meters. This center is expected to be able to accommodate 50 merchants.

Pewarta: Bahrul MArzuki
Penyunting: Imam Nasrodin
Copy Editor: Arief Rohman
Alih Bahasa: Faizah Zakiyah
Foto: Radar Malang