An Old Friend Uncovered ISIS Member’s Identity

The arrest of Syahrul Munif (35), a resident of Jalan Wijaya 11-A, Pagentan, Singosari, Malang Regency, by Special Detachment 88 (known as Densus 88) on Monday (19/6) still leaves a lot of questions, especially concerning the alleged involvement of man who daily sells student worksheets and online clothes of becoming the radical cell network of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) member.

Putri, Syahrul’s wife, although admittedly still in shock, received family and friends who came, but he still refused to meet the media crew in her rented house yesterday (20/6).

One of the Putri’s families who declined to be named said, Putri had revealed the reason why Densus 88 finally caught her husband. According to him, it happened because one of her husband’s old friends came to his rented house.

“He (Syahrul’s friend) came to get a supply (fashion shopping). Finally, it is linked with her husband,” he said.

Although she did not mention when her husband’s longtime colleague visited, Putri finally learned that the person was arrested by Densus 88 before her husband was caught.

Meanwhile, Malang Police Chief AKBP Yade Setiawan Ujung ensured, Syahrul is the last ISIS member in Malang. Previously, the effort to find his existence in Malang Regency is quite difficult. It was not because Syahrul moved around or hid himself, but because the identification of Syahrul failed because of the lack of data.

Syahrul is allegedly a person in the video of ISIS members from Indonesia that got viral. It was only his eyes are visible because everything was covered in a video uploaded on YouTube. Finally, Densus 88 could identify Syahrul as the figure behind the video after arresting other ISIS members.

“We got it from the one in Embong Arab (Abdul Hakim) that we already arrested and we could identify who is who after that,” he explained. Ujung said, Densus 88 finally secured Syahrul on Monday after confirming.

Ujung said, there has been no movement Syahrul made associated with radical movements during his stay in Malang.

“We found nothing (related to radical movement), Alhamdulillah. He does not believe in their (ISIS) idea anymore,” stated. Ujung added, it is known from his wife and in-laws’ testimony in Singosari.

“We found out that he regretted going to Syria, but he still must take responsibility for his actions,” Ujung stated. According to him, Syahrul joined Abu Jandal, the frontman Jamaah Ansharut Daullah (JAD) Malang, for six months in Syria.

“He already undergone war training and real war there,” said the alumnus of Police Academy 2000.

However, he continued, Syahrul felt that the reality in Syria was much different from what ISIS promised.

“The desire to go home is his own will because he found out that the reality is not as beautiful as the promise, such as the salary he earned. They promised millions money, but he could only get IDR 600 thousand,” Ujung concluded.

Pewarta: Aris Dwi & Fajrus Shiddiq
Penyunting: Achmad Yani
Copy Editor: Indah Setyowati
Grafis: Yudho Asmoro