BATU – Last year, it just only 5 local regulations have been finished from 18 regional regulation. The rest of it, 13 local regulations become homework that it will do in this year.

Katarina Dian Nefingityas as the chief of Agency for Regional Regulation DPRD Batu said that she and DewantiRumpoko as the Batu Mayor believe, they can finish what we plan before. She revealed that 13 local regulations did not finish because some reason. That was need from the last mayor before. She clarified that at the beginning Eddy Rumpoko (the last Batu Mayor) want the local regulation discussion after OPD (The Organization of regional devices) was really understood.

“Last year did not operate actually. But from the experience before that OPD is less doing socialization and understanding the result of local regulation,” said her as Gerindra’s politicians.

Katarina added that the factor became inhibitor doing the regulation. “If we just follow the quantity, we can but we cannot do that,” said her.

According to Katarina, there was local regulation that it is already validated but it is less understood. For example, the local regulation about liquor.

“We want all the local regulations finished and did completely such as liquor it has done but there was not any socialization,” she added.

There are 18 regional regulation will discuss in 2018. Three of them such as initiative regional regulation from DPRD Batu such as about population administration, the people’s market protection, the setup, the supervision of shopping centers and supermarkets, and Batu as the child town.

“On 2017, 4 the local regulations was finished, one initiative local regulation and 3 from filed executive,” said her.

The local regulation has been finished is about PP number 18 about financial rights and administrative of leader and member in DPRD. Then 4 the local regulation is APBD 2017, P-APBD, APBD 2018, and the accountability of APBD 2016.

Legislative and executive productivity in Batu of creating the law product is not satisfied. Because of it just 5 local regulation was finished from 18 regional regulation. The rest of it became the homework that must do this year. However, in 2018 haveat least 18 new regional regulations from legislative or executive. The regional regulation will divide in three of trial priority.

The eight regional regulation will be discussed first is about population administration, revocation of local regulation from domestic minister and governor, retribution area, building permits, the accountability of APBD 2017, the local water company, the capital investment of the local water company and the drinking water supply system. Whereas four regional regulation became the second priority, and four regional regulation became the third priority.

DidikMachmud as the chief C commission of DPRD Batu said the important aspectof all local regulations will be discussed about the people’s market protection, the set up, and the supervision of shopping centers and supermarkets.

“The traditional market must be protected and the modern market will be arranged again such as the distance,” said him as Golkar’s politician.

Reporter: Aris Dwi
Editor: Ahmad Yahya
Translator: Heni Rahmayanti
Photografer: Radar Batu