14 Villages Speed Up Village Funds Administration

BATU – Fourteen villages have to work hard to fulfill the requirement for disbursement of village funds (DD), because out of 19 villages, only five villages have gotten their disbursement on Friday (19/5). Five villages are Sumbergondo, Mojorejo, Tlekung, Torongrejo, and Pandem.

The Head of Department of Woman Empowerment, Child Protection, Population Control and Family Planning of Batu City Abu Sufyan explained that the delay of disbursement for 14 villages happens because some files have to be revised such as Village Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBDes), Village Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMDes), Village Government Working Plan (RKPDes), and previous year’s village funds liability report.

“Basically, all of them (villages) have reported the files, but after districts did evaluations, some must be revised (by 14 villages),” said Abu Sufyan, confirmed yesterday (21/5).

As has been known, the Mayor of Batu Eddy Rumpoko has gathered 19 heads of villages on 9th of March. The main agenda was to drive the village officials to finish the APBDes. It becomes one of the main requirements for DD disbursement this year.

The total amount of DD reaches 18.8 billion IDR for 19 villages. In 2016 the amount reached 14.6 billion IDR, and 6.4 billion IDR in 2015. However, the disbursement of DD in 2016 could not proceed because the DD of 2015 was just disbursed last year. That is because another requirement of the disbursement is the attachement of last year’s letter of accountability (SPJ). The government (Pemkot) of Batu themselves did not immediately disburse the DD in 2015 and 2016 because they considered the human resources of village regulators are not ready.

Sufyan added that his sides have targeted for next week as the final of revison. For now, those 14 village regulators are in the process of revising the files. After passing the re-evaluation, the funds will be disbursed for the program of the villages. “Other villages (14 villages, Red) will get it the following week,” he added.

Not only that, he said, the villages can start disbursing this year’s village funds allocation (ADD), but the disbursement of ADD goes to five villages for the same reason.

The amount of ADD this year reaches 22.8 billion IDR, but the amount of money given to each village is different. That is because it is adjusted to the area, the total population, and the number of poor people. “The amount is adjusted to the need in the field,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Association of Officials and Village Chiefs (APEL) of Batu City Tri Wahyuono Effendi confirmed that DD has been disbursed, but he has just known yesterday that only five villages have gotten the disbursement.

“What I know is that the DD has been disbursed, but I have only known that it is only five villages that have received the disbursement (it was yesterday),” he explained.

Pewarta: Dian Kristiana
Penyunting: Imam Nasrodin
Alih Bahasa: Faizah Zakiyah
Foto: Rubianto