1.115 Children Showing Their Creativity in Coloring.

Fun Kids Roadshow 2018.

WONOSARI – Regional Coordinator (Korwil) of Education Department (Disdik) of Wonosari District held a big event that will be invite Mother of Malang PAUD, Jajuk Sulistuowati. The event is Fun Kids Road Show Jawa Pos Radar Malang. Around 1.115 PAUD and Kindergarten students will be showing their coloring creations.

The Head of Regional Coordinator of Education Department of Wonosari district, Hadi Sutikno welcoming the event enthusiastically. For him, the coloring contest is good enough to develop children creativity and also PAUD and Kindergarten through Wonosari district could be meet up in this event.

To be known, this event is not to find out who is the winner. However, this event aims to introduce and provide the experience about the contest atmospheres to PAUD and kindergarten students.

“Because of the ambition to be a winner, the parents replace the position of his child coloring, let them found their creativity,” he hoped. The cohesiveness of Korwil Disdik of Wonosari Subdistrict was also tested in the event.

Yesterday (14/3) on Bina Desa Pemkab Malang agenda, the narration for that was given by Malang Regent Rendra Kresna. This number one person in Malang Regency provides guidance and direction for all ASN. “This is a good place to communicate with Mr. Bupati,” he concluded.

Reporter: Hafis Iqbal
Editor: Bayu Mulya
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Rodliah Zinka